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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Concert Review: Ed Sheeran's Divide Lands in Manila

Dwarfed by these huge television monitors, Ed Sheeran truly did a one man live show - a rare feat - in an age where performers usually have a huge entourage touring with them.
Armed only with several guitars and this contraption which allows him to record his voice and his beats - he depended solely on his vocal ability, his creativity in conjuring these beats and of course, his adorable charm - which was magnified a hundred times across the Mall of Asia parking area through this large vertical projector screens where his face was in close up so many times - it showed that Mr. Sheeran had no unnecessary vanity at all since there was just no way to hide any imperfections in his face.
Any other performer would've been petrified to have a camera really up that close on their faces and magnified so much back to the audience.
He did a very compact one and a half hour show where he sang a few songs from the Divide album (Galway Girl, Nancy Mulligan, New Man), a few earlier smaller hits (A Team, Don't, Sing) and of course his gigantic, made-to-sing-for-the-arena-tour songs (Thinking Out Loud, Perfect, Dive, Shape of You) which everyone lapped up!
There was a song there for everyone who came, and a lot of people did come. It has been sometime that I've seen so many people in MOA to watch a show and cause such vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
We were happy to see our friend Jennifer Chan Lorenzo enjoying the show so much, taking many videos and pictures.
As for me, this tour is winding down already for Ed, and I'm curious if he'll still use a mathematical symbol as the title for his next album.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Chris Stapleton

American country and bluegrass musician Chris Stapleton has two top 10 hits in My FABE Music Top 10 countdown.

2016 - The Devil Named Music (#7)

2018 - Either Way (#10)

Niall Horan

Niall Horan has four top 10 hits in My Weekly Top 10 countdown, outside of One Direction.

2017 - This Town (#8)

2017 - Too Much to Ask (#2)

2017 - On the Loose (#8)

2017 - Seeing Blind (#9)


Beck has nine top 10 hits in My FABE Music Top 10 countdown.  Five of them went all the way to #1.

1994 - Loser (#1)

1996 - Devil's Haircut (#1)

1996 - The New Pollution (#1)

1996 - Where It's At (#3)

1999 - Sexx Laws (#1)

1999 - Nicotine & Gravy (#1)

2014 - Heart is a Drum (#9)

2018 - Seventh Heaven (#1) *1 week

2018 - Colors (#7)

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello has one hit in My FABE Music Top 10 countdown

2018 - Never Be the Same (#6)