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Friday, November 17, 2017

Partied Like It Was the 80s Again: Belinda Carlisle Rocks Singapore

I have watched concerts in Singapore before but I realized now that they are such sticklers to the time!
The concert ticket to Belinda Carlisle's 30th year anniversary of her album Heaven on Earth tour said 8PM but 8PM in Manila means 9PM, 9:30 even!
But not in Singapore!
The show started on time and I came a bit late!! Buti na lang she sang her more unknown songs from that album so I didn't miss much.
I have actually seen Belinda Carlisle live already, here in Manila, way back in 2014, but she was like the front act only for Howard Jones and Human League - and she only did like 3 songs - so bitin talaga. for me - who knew her complete discography.
So when I saw the setlist of this show, way back in July, I bought a ticket immediately and it was great that I saw her live again.
I had so much fun watching the show, even if we were not allowed to take any pictures. So sorry guys, every time I would turn on my camera, the security girl would come to me tsk tsk
So I just decided to enjoy the night and watch her perform each song without any distractions!
I followed Belinda's career even after Heaven is a Place on Earth so I am familiar even with her albums which did not become hits here in the Philippines.
Kaya ayun, virtual sing along with her that night!
It was great to party like it was the 80s again!

My FABE Music Weekly Top 10 Countdown: November 17, 2017

In celebration of the 30th year anniversary of her Heaven on Earth album, Belinda Carlisle gets to top My Weekly Top 10 countdown yet again, with a song that comes from her 1989 Runaway Horses album.  

I was able to see her show in Singapore and I had a really great time!

Here are my ten favorite songs for the week ending November 17, 2017 -

#1 Valentine               (NEW)
     Belinda Carlisle

#2 Love Never Dies   (NEW)
      Belinda Carlisle

#3 Wearing Nothing   (#5)

#4 Clearest Blue         (#6)

#5 Too Much to Ask   (#9)
     Niall Horan

#6 Colombia Heights   (#7)
     Wale / J. Balvin

#7  Tonight                   (#8)
      Taeyang / Zico

#8  What Lovers Do    (NEW)
      Maroon 5 / SZA

#9 Look What You Made Me Do (NEW)
     Taylor Swift

#10  Anywhere      (NEW)
        Rita Ora

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Teejay Marquez

Teejay Marquez has one hit in My OPM Top 10 countdown.

2017 - Di Magbabago (#10)

Here's the video of the song.


The local band Brisom has two top 10 hits in My OPM Top 10 countdown.

2016 - Pride (#7)

2017 - Balewala (#9)

Here's the video of the song -