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Monday, June 11, 2018

Concert Review: Niall Lays Bare the Beauty of His Songs from His Flicker Album

My favorite pop albums from last year were all by men - Beck's Colors, Maroon 5's Red Pill Blues and Niall Horan's Flicker.
So when I learned that Niall was coming to Manila to perform songs from that album, I knew I just had to watch him. What actually worried me was that majority of the songs in Flicker are sad, slow songs - and I didn't know if Niall has the skill to rouse an audience when most of the songs he'll play are slow, sad songs.
Funny thing is I didn't have to worry about it. Niall is 1D after all and being a member of the biggest boy band of his generation has really taught him how to talk to an audience, how to charm them and engage them throughout the show!

What was great was that he played and sang ALL the songs in Flicker and he had stories for some of them, which was quite interesting. He sang two 1D songs and did a great version of Bruce Springsteen's 'Dancing in the Dark'! Apparently the kid idolizes The Boss! And his performance did not disappoint!
The first five songs in his setlist were a virtual karaoke session for me since I love all of them. I also loved Too Much To Ask, Flicker, So Long and Seeing Blind.
Ed Sheeran said in his concert that the true measure that you enjoyed the concert was that you have no more voice leaving the show. Well, I couldn't do that because I have to teach tomorrow but I did sing heartily to many of Niall's songs tonight as did all of his real fans with me in MOA Arena tonight.
So much love from his Manila fans for the blonde boy of 1D!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Maroon 5

I discovered Maroon 5's music while I was on vacation in Oslo summer of 2003.  I really thought they were a rock band but soon enough they metamorphosed into a fantastic pop band capable of producing really great pop music!  And Adam just got hotter and hotter and hotter!

Maroon 5 has fourteen top ten hits in My Weekly Top 10 countdown, seven of them went straight to #1.

2003 - Harder to Breathe (#1)

2003 - This Love (#1)

2003 - Shiver (#6)

2003 - She Will Be Loved (#5)

2003 - Sunday Morning (#7)

2007 - Makes Me Wonder (#7)

2010 - Misery (#7)

2010 - Never Gonna Leave This Bed (#1)

2011 - Moves Like Jagger (with Christina Aguilera) (#1) 

2012 - Payphone (with Wiz Khalifa) (#1)

2015 - It Was Always You (#4)

2015 - Sugar (#1)

2017 - What Lovers Do (with SZA) (#1)* 1 week

2018 - Best 4 You (#1) *2 weeks

Friday, April 27, 2018

Niall Horan

Niall Horan has four top 10 hits in My Weekly Top 10 countdown, outside of One Direction.

2017 - This Town (#8)

2017 - Too Much to Ask (#2)

2017 - On the Loose (#6)

2017 - Seeing Blind (#7)


Beck has nine top 10 hits in My FABE Music Top 10 countdown.  Five of them went all the way to #1.

1994 - Loser (#1)

1996 - Devil's Haircut (#1)

1996 - The New Pollution (#1)

1996 - Where It's At (#3)

1999 - Sexx Laws (#1)

1999 - Nicotine & Gravy (#1)

2014 - Heart is a Drum (#9)

2018 - Seventh Heaven (#1) *1 week

2018 - Colors (#5)