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Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Cautionary Tale on Miley Cyrus

Weeks ago, I read with amusement as many people pilloried Miley Cyrus for her risque performance at the VMA Awards. It reminded me of the crazy things Madonna did when she was younger, just to get attention! Well, Miley got what she wanted, her first #1 song in the US Billboard charts, which I think was really her goal. Sometimes all that overt sexuality shown in their videos are just to sell records and not really who they are as people. Cautionary tale. Two decades ago, people thought Madonna was the dirty slut for doing risque videos while Whitney Houston was the nightingale who could no wrong. See what happened two decades later. Who was found dead in a bathtub of a drug overdose and who became a billionairess? Sometimes, the 'malandi' image an artist projects is just that, an image they want to project but they really live 'clean' lives. Sometimes, kung sino pa yung 'di makabasag pinggan' ang image, yun pa ang totoong durugista.