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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Concert Review: Martin Nievera Sings All His Hits in His 33 Year Career

Because during my time the media played up the rivalry between Gary Valenciano and Marin Nievera, subliminally, Gary fans like me, tended to avoid watching and supporting Martin's gigs - which on hindsight - was really childish and stupid. But that's just how it is. It's happening right now with the JaDine's and the KathNiel fans. New generation, new stars, same stupid marketing ploy.
Why don't we just support all OPM artists? They're all great anyway!
And Martin sounded divine last night! He has really protected and preserved his voice even though I know he's older than me! To sound and look like that when you're in your 50s is quite an achievement!
This show was perfect for me because he only sang a few songs which were not his. In other words, it was a Martin Nievera greatest hits concert and I felt lucky I was part of it, because sa first four songs palang niya, a deluge of high school memories agad ang nangyari, as each of the songs played very crucial parts from when I was in Grade 7 to 4th year high school.
His guests were just as fantastic, and it included his son Robin, whom I've seen perform live na rin before, and KZ as well. Sana KZ would do what she did in this show in her own concert. I found her show before a bit stiff and staid when she's really a free-flowing performer kind of girl! She really gained a lot of new fans last night, especially from my age group.
Morissette is another revelation to me as well. This girl just needs one great song and she'll reach a lot of new fans! Make an album please.
I was really amazed at Martin's pipes since he sang for well over 2 hours and many of the songs were difficult!! There were many standards and Broadway songs as well. And he showed his versatility by singing the hit du jour, Shut Up and Dance.
He truly deserved the standing ovation he got in the end! One of the few local performers who can give foreign acts a run for their money!

Re-Encountered Martin Nievera's Hosting Skill Prowess

Since he's such a great singer, I've sometimes overlooked how great a host Martin Nievera can be!
While I was watching his show last night, I was reminded again of how witty he is and how fast he can come with ad libs and funny and very risque lines.
It's like watching Vice Ganda, but this time for an English-speaking crowd. But the jokes are the same, very risque, double-entendre and if he weren't funny, would really fall flat on his face!
Sayang the networks aren't using his hosting skills for a talk show all his own.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Maroon 5 Concert Setlist Here In Manila

Too bad I won't be able to watch Maroon 5's show here in Manila.  Nasold out kasi agad.  Sayang.  Anyhow, here is the setlist for their show here in Manila.

Setlist for Carly Rae Jepsen's Second Concert Here in Manila

I'm definitely watching Carly Rae Jepsen's second concert here in Manila!  I had great memories of her first one!  Anyway, I haven't heard her second album yet and I have been a bit lukewarm to her latest release, I Really Like You.  

However, just like my experience with her first album, there should be other gems there that should interest me!

Below is her expected setlist for her Manila show.  I'm not familiar with majority of the songs so I assume most of them come from her latest E-MO-TION album.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons has nine top 10 hits in my personal countdown.   Three of them went all the way to #1. 

Due to the band's performance here, a slew of their songs from their Smoke + Mirrors album charted in my personal countdown.

2014 - It's Time (#1)

2015 - Cha-Ching (#1)

2015 - Polaroid (#1)

2015 - Smoke and Mirrors (#3)

2015 - I Bet My Life (#5)

2015 - Friction (#5)

2015 - Hopeless Opus (#7)

2015 - I'm So Sorry (#8)

2015 - Shots (#9)

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FABE Weekly Top 10: #9 Ariana Grande - Why Try

This is one of the songs that Ariana Grande sang in her My Everything Tour here in Manila a few weeks ago.  The song has already peaked at #2.  This week, the song reenters at #9.

FABE Weekly Top 10: #10 Zedd - Daisy

Zedd's Daisy re-enters the FABE Top 10 this week at #10. The song has already peaked at #3.  It's counted as Zedd's 6th top 10 hit in my personal countdown. 

Imagine Dragon's Manila Concert Pictures: Smoke + Mirrors Tour

Solid Performance from Imagine Dragons

It was a delight to see Imagine Dragons live last night! They truly deserve their Grammy award for Best Rock Performance in 2014 as they sound fantastic live!
The quality of their playing and the voice of their lead vocalist was solid throughout their performance last night - it was like listening to their CD except that this time, their songs were being sung for you!
I like the songs they selected from their latest album, Smoke and Mirrors and standouts for me include Polaroid, Friction, I Bet My Life and the title track itself, Smoke and Mirrors.
They also sang all their hits from Night Vision - It's Time, On Top of the World, Radioactive, and Demons.
I found the pacing uneven though as they decided to divide their well-known hits equally so there would be highs when the hits are played and then lows, punctuated by songs which the audience were not too familiar.
It would've been great if they ended with three well-known songs and maybe It's Time for the encore. At least, the concertgoers would be leaving the arena on a high.
Their encore song, The Fall, doesn't quite have that ooompphhh to be the last song, but maybe it's their personal favorite, so there.
Nevertheless, I've enjoyed partying with the Millennials this past week. Tindig kung tindig ang mga bagets, from the first song to the last song!
My pet peeve in watching a concert with guys my age is that they tend to just sit through the concert, something I fear would happen in Madonna's show here. Oh well, let's wait and see.
By the way, thank you to the guardian angel lady who gave me a Lower Box ticket! God bless you dear!