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Thursday, May 31, 2012

On Jessica Sanchez

Now that Jessica Sanchez is finished aping the singing styles of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, I hope she really bucks down to work and create the sound that's truly her own.  No one can replace Whitney Houston and even if Jessica has proven that she has the same pipes as Whitney, she has to create her own persona and have her own set of hit songs.  Like millions of other Filipinos, I am excited to hear her first album.I don't know about the choice of Tommy Motola since he hasn't had any recent hits.  I mean, Mariah has moved on from him a LOOOONNNGGG time ago.  I'm just afraid her music would sound dated.  Oh well, that all remains to be seen.

Jessica's I Have Nothing leaves NY fans 'breathless' » FUNFARE with Ricardo F. Lo | Entertainment »
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Chart Performance: Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators' collaboration with Slash, Apocalyptic Love, debuts at #4 this week.  It's their first US top 10 album.
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Chart Performance: Slash

Slash gets his second top 10 album in the US this week as Apocalyptic Love, his collaboration with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, debuts at #3.  Below are his top 10 albums in the US -

2010 - Slash (#3)
2012 - Apocalyptic Love (with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators) (#3)
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Chart Performance: John Mayer

John Mayer's third #1 album and sixth top 10 album in the US, Born and Raised, slips to #7 this week.  Below are his top 10 albums in the US - 

2001 - Room for Squares (#8)
2003 - Heavier Things (#1)
2006 - Continuum (#2)
2008 - Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles (#5)
2009 - Battle Studies (#1)
2012 - Born and Raised (#1) 

Here's one of the songs from that album, Love is A Verb -

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Edwin McCain Setlist for Manila Concert

Monday, May 28, 2012

My OPM Myx Countdown Votes This Week - Never the Strangers' Alive

Never the Strangers get my top two votes for this week for the OPM Myx Countdown.  I know their songs are not in the countdown anymore but I don't care.  I'd rather reflect my own personal taste and just see if it does make a dent in the countdown.  Here are my four votes for the OPM Myx Countdown this week -

#1 Never the Strangers - Alive (4 votes/day)

#2 Never the Strangers - Moving Closer (3 votes/day)

#3 Chris Cantada - Scarred (2 votes/day)

#4 Tanya Markova - Da Facebook Song (1 vote/day)
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Enjoyed the Music of 'Never the Strangers' in Lifehouse Concert

Definitely one of the more exciting new acts of 2012, Never the Strangers opened for Lifehouse for the latter's concert here last Saturday.  I only know two songs from the band, their hits Moving Closer and Alive.  I video-ed Alive because it's one of my favorite songs this year.

As for these pictures with the band, we were actually leaving Araneta already when my friend Jenny, spotted them.  Actually, I was not even sure it was them since the people of Dayly Entertainment did not use the video screen for the people in the Upper Box and Gen Ad - so we had to content ourselves with seeing this band like they were ants!  One giveaway though was that some people were having their pictures taken with them - so it HAD to be them!

As for the performance that night - they sounded solid and whatever you hear as an MP3 on your Ipod is the same as what you'll hear live!  That's pretty cool!
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Concert Review: Hanging On A Moment with Lifehouse

I didn't know until tonight that Lifehouse had so many minor hits which the local fans really like! I did download the setlist to their concert tonight, but hearing it live and just hearing it on the Ipod are two totally different experiences. Once the band started playing them, it was like the song came to life and had a life of its own - mainly because last night's audience sang along to many - yes, many of Lifehouse's songs! This was a truly dedicated fanbase! I was actually surprised to see a sizeable crowd for a band that hasn't had a US Top 40 hit, well, even a local hit for almost 7 years! Well, I wanted to sing but I couldn't - my throat and voice has not been cooperating this week so I've been sounding really hoarse these past few days.

One thing we didn't like though was that Dayly Entertainment did not use the overhead screen! Dyahe talaga! Us, poor souls in the Upper Boxes and Gen Ad could only see ants. It's strange because every other concert in Araneta this year HAD USED THAT screen - at the same ticket prices! Oh well, I may have to message Dayly Entertainment personally to tell them about this complaint.

As for the show, we certainly enjoyed it, even without any big screen. The band's lead singer still sounded so good, and I'm sure he was impressed with the audience singing along to many of their hits. They did play a few songs from their latest CD, Smoke and Mirrors and they were well-received - All In, Here Tomorrow Gone Today, Halfway Gone - among them. They played Everything, twice, once in the acoustic set and as their final encore song.

As for me, I loved The First Time, Broken, Wash, Storm and Breathing (pretty sort versions though for both) and Hanging On A Moment.

Lifehouse Concert Manila Pictures - May 26, 2012

Ay naku, Dayly Entertainment did not pay ata Araneta for the videoscreen on top, kaya ayun, ang mga pobrecitos sa cheaper tickets had to endure seeing Lifehouse the size of ants!

With my concert gal pal, Jennifer!  We've watched Westlife, Blue, A1, Jeff Timmons, Vertical Horizon and Live together

My friend Jennifer didn't want to have a picture here kasi raw black and white lang!

It's my budget year so ayun, Upper Box B pa rin hehe

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