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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Songs I'm Looking Forward to See in Kylie Minogue's Show: #1 - Love at First Sight

One of her classics, is still a classic in my book, for obvious reasons. This is a song that I always associate with Alberto so it's tough to forget it. And, it has a fantastic beat and it's quite danceable too!

Songs I'm Looking Forward to See in Kylie Minogue's Show: #2 - Wow

This song was actually the reason we went to see her 2008 concert in HK. I love the positive vibe of the song! Everytime I feel sad and down, I play this and perks me up just fine! She did a great performance of this song in her X concert. Love the costumes and the cute choreo!

Songs I'm Looking Forward to See in Kylie Minogue's Show: #3 - Aphrodite

When I first listened to her album Aphrodite, it was actually the title track that immediately caught my attention. I love the lyrics of the chorus, "I'm fierce and I'm feeling mighty, I'm the golden girl, I'm the Aphrodite, alright" What a positive affirmation! I sing that to myself everytime I feel down and sad. Works everytime!

Songs I'm Looking Forward to See in Kylie Minogue's Show: #4 - Spinning Around

Since radio didn't play her in the 1990s, it seemed that Kylie Minogue just disappeared, but she was just actually there, releasing several albums that people didn't notice.

Until the year 2000, when she returned to her dance roots and released the song, Spinning Around, which kinda reintroduced her to the younger gay generation. I don't think she'll do the same choreo in her show though but I could dance that way while she sings it! It's a fantastic song, and I love the video and the choreography. And those shorty shorts of hers!!

Songs I'm Looking Forward to See in Kylie Minogue's Show: #5 - Get Outta My Way

Well, I couldn't resist looking at Kylie Minogue's setlist for her Aphrodite tour, and although there may be some changes here and there, the list I read should be the one she'll be doing in her show here on Tuesday night.

Anyhow, I realized that the five songs I'd most like to hear is in the first part of her show, so I'd better be in a party mood quick.

The #5 song I am looking forward to see is one of her hits from the Aphrodite album, Get Outta My Way. This song was a slow burn for me and it took me a while to like it. Eventually, it became a staple in my Ipod, due mostly to it's frantic chorus! I can imagine models do a quick sashay to the chorus of this song!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Best OPM Song Yet This Year: Parokya Ni Edgar's Pangarap Lang Kita

I haven't actually warmed up to the music of Parokya ni Edgar, although they've been producing hits for years now and a very loyal following. That is, until I heard their new song! Entitled Pangarap Lang Kita, this hit, is in my opinion, the best song that has come out of OPM this year. It has a beautiful melody arranged as a duet, and although the lyrics are a bit of a downer, it is frank and brutal. Nothing like unrequited love to tug at the heartstrings!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Book of Mormon: Top 10 Broadway Album

  The Book of Mormon, a Broadway musical, snares a Top 10 album, and it has peaked at #3.  This week, it slips to #10.

My New Favorite Song This Week: Ledisi - Pieces of Me

Ledisi is the second R&B female singer that I discovered this year, whose music excites me! Earlier this year, I was introduced to the charming music of former Mary Mary, Marsha Ambrosius Her song, Far Away, is one of my favorite songs this year. Now, I discover Ledisi, and her song, Pieces of Me is just cute and emphatic and beautifully sung! Ledisi definitely has the voice!

Ledisi Gets Her First US Top 10 Album

Ledisi gets her first Top 10 album in the US, as Pieces of Me, debuts at #8.

Barry Manilow Gets Lucky #13th Top 10 Album in the US

Barry Manilow's chart span between Top 10 albums is an impressive 38 years!  This week, he gets his thirteenth Top 10 album in the US, as 15 Minutes, debuts at #7.  Here are his Top 10 albums in the US -

1974 - Barry Manilow II (#9)
1975 - Tryin' to Get the Feeling (#5)
1976 - This One's For You (#6)
1977 - Barry Manilow Live (#1)
1978 - Even Now (#3)
1978 - Greatest Hits (#7)
1979 - One Voice (#9)
2002 - Ultimate Manilow (#2)
2006 - The Greatest Songs of the Fifties (#1)
2006 - The Greatest Songs of the Sixties (#2)
2007 - The Greatest Songs of the Seventies (#4)
2010 - The Greatest Love Songs of All Times (#5)
2011 - 15 Minutes (#7)

My New Favorite Song: Owl City - Galaxies

I was browsing through the charts this lazy rainy weekend when I learned that Owl City just released his latest album, All Things Bright and Beautiful - and voila, the first single from it is as bright and beautiful as the title of his album suggests! It is now my new favorite song and surely, soon as I get a copy of his album, it'll be one of those which will get heavy rotation!

Owl City Returns to the US Top 10 Albums Charts

Owl City gets his second US Top 10 album this week, as All Things Bright and Beautiful, debuts at #6.  His first Top 10 album was Ocean Eyes which peaked at #8.

Saddened By the Death of Saxophone Great Clarence Clemons

The collaboration between Clarence Clemons and Jackson Brown, "You're A Friend of Mine" is one of my all-time favorite songs from high school, so it saddens me to know that Clarence passed away today. I was actually happy to learn that he did the sax solo in Lady Gaga's latest hit, The Edge of Glory. He was even in her video! Anyhow, the big guy is now in a better place. His legacy of good music has stayed with us and will continue to inspire generations to come.

My Favorite Pop Hit: Hot Chelle Rae's Tonight, Tonight Is Moving Up

The last pop song I really liked which I discovered way before it became a huge monster hit was Owl City's Fireflies. It was already in heavy rotation on my Ipod six months before it really took off worldwide, including here in the Philippines. Now, another pop song which I have been loving these past two months is now slowly climbing the US charts and I won't be surprised if it goes Top 10 in the next few weeks. I think it could be a hit too, here in the Philippines, but anyway, up to now, I haven't heard any radio airplay from it yet. That's good! I actually hate it when everyone likes my favorite songs. I am selfish that way.

Download of the Week: Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass'

Nicki Minaj has been a slow burn artist for me, first learning about her from all her different collaborations with so many different artists. Now, finally, with the release of her hit album, Pink Friday, a few months back, we get to hear some of her own hits and this song, Super Bass, which is paired with an equally dandy video, is one that has taken my fancy. Aren't the guys in these videos hot?!!!

GoonRock's Collaboration with LMFAO Puts Him in the US and UK Charts

GoonRock is credited along with Lauren Bennett in the LMFAO hit Party Rock Anthem. The song has already become a worldwide #1 hit!  It has spent six weeks at #1 in the US, and was #1 in the UK, Switzerland, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, France, Canada and Australia.  It's also a very popular dance hit here in the Philippines.

This week, the song slips one notch to #5 in the US charts.

Lauren Bennett's First Worldwide Hit

Lauren Bennett of the Paradiso Girls gets her first worldwide #1 hit with her collaboration with LMFAO and GoonRock, the song Party Rock Anthem.  The song has already reached #1 in the US, UK, Switzerland, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, France, Canada and Australia.

This week, the song slips one notch to #5 in the US Top 10 charts.

Chart Performance: Adele

Adele's fourth top 10 hit in the US, Skyfall, the theme song for the new Bond movie, peaked at #8.  Her three previous singles all went to #1Set Fire to the Rain, Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep #1.

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Discovering Andy Grammer

I was browsing through the charts this week and I discovered this wonderful pop song from Andy Grammer.  I actually have no idea who he is but his song, Keep Your Head Up sounds positively uplifting! It has that cool, California vibe!  For some reason though, I could not embed the video here so just try to go to this link if you want to check out his song -

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brad Paisley's This Is Country Music: Still A US Top 10 Album

Brad Paisley's seventh Top 10 album in the US, This Is Country Music, slips to #9 this week.  It has peaked at #2.  Here are his Top 10 albums in the US -

2003 - Mud on the Tires (#8)
2005 - Time Well Wasted (#2)
2007 - 5th Gear (#3)
2008 - Plau (#9)
2009 - American Saturday Night (#2)
2010 - Hits Alive (#9)
2011 - This Is Country Music (#2)

Discovering Death Cab For Cutie

One good thing about chart-watching is that I get to discover acts which are not exactly radio-friendly, acts which radio has conveniently ignored. With the recent Top 10 showing of their album, Codes and Keys, I decided to find out how Death Cab for Cutie sounds, and I pleasantly discovered that their type of rock is just round my alley.

Here's the first single from the album, You Are A Tourist, and enjoy the guitar riffs.

Now, their second single has a more interesting video. Here's Home Is A Fire -

Death Cab For Cutie Gets Their Third US Top 10 Album

Death Cab For Cutie's third Top 10 album in the US, Codes and Keys, slips to #10 this week.  The album has peaked at #3.   Here are their Top 10 albums in the US -

2005 - Plans (#4)
2008 - Narrow Stairs (#1)
2011 - Codes and Keys (#3)

Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory: Still in US and UK Top 10

Lady Gaga's first #1 album in the US, Born This Way stays at #8 for another week.  Below are her Top 10 albums in the US -

2008 - The Fame (#2)
2009 - The Fame Monster (#5)
2010 - The Remix (#6)
2011 - Born This Way (#1)

In the UK, the same album has gone to #1 and has stayed there for a second week.  This week, the album is at #5.  These are her Top 10 albums in the UK -

2008 - The Fame (#1)
2010 - The Remix (#5)
2011 - Born This Way (#1)

Her tenth Top 10 hit in the US, The Edge of Glory, slips to #10 this week. The song has peaked at #3.  Here are her Top 10 songs in the US -

2008 - Just Dance (with Colby O'Donis) (#1)
2008 - Poker Face (#1)
2008 - Love Game (#5)
2009 - Paparazzi (#6)
2009 - Bad Romance (#2)
2010 - Telephone (with Beyonce) (#3)
2010 - Alejandro (#5)
2011 - Born This Way (#1)

2011 - Judas (#10)
2011 - The Edge of Glory (#3)

In the UK, the same song has peaked at #6, making it her ninth UK Top 10 hit.  These are her Top 10 hits in the UK -

2008 - Just Dance (#1)
2008 - Poker Face (#1)
2009 - Paparazzi (#4)
2009 - Bad Romance (#1)
2010 - Telephone (with Beyonce) (#1)
2010 - Alejandro (#7)
2011 - Born This Way (#3)

2011 - Judas (#9)
2011 - The Edge of Glory (#6)

Jennifer Lopez: The Hardest Ever (T.H.E.)

These are Jennifer Lopez's Top 10 albums in the US -

1999 - On the 6 (#8)
2001 - J. Lo (#1)
2002 - This is Me...Then (#2)
2005 - Rebirth (#2)
2007 - Como Ama Una Mujer (#10)
2011 - Love? (#5)

Here are her Top 10 hits in the US -

1999 - If You Had My Love (#1)
1999 - Waiting For Tonight (#8)
2000 - Love Don't Cost A Thing (#3)
2001 - Ain't It Funny (with Ja Rule) (#1)
2001 - I'm Real (#1)
2002 - Jenny From the Block (with Styles P and Jadakiss) (#3)
2003 - All I Have (with LL Cool J) (#1)
2006 - Control Myself (with LL Cool J) (#4)
2011 - On The Floor (with Pitbull) (#3)

In the UK, Jennifer gets her 16th Top10 hit, as The Hardest Ever (T.H.E.), her collaboration with Mick Jagger and, debuts at #3.  Below are her Top 10 songs in the UK -

1999 - If You Had My Love (#4)
1999 - Waiting For Tonight (#5)
2000 - Love Don't Cost A Thing (#1)
2001 - Ain't It Funny (#3)
2001 - Play (#3)
2001 - Ain't It Funny (with Ja Rule and Caddillac Tah) (#3)
2001 - I'm Real (#4)
2002 - Jenny From the Block (with Styles P and Jadakiss) (#5)
2003 - All I Have (with LL Cool J) (#2)
2004 - Baby I Love U! (#3)
2005 - Get Right (#1)
2006 - Hold You Down (with Fat Joe) (#6)
2006 - Control Myself (with LL Cool J) (#2)
2011 - On The Floor (with Pitbull) (#1)

2011 - I'm Into You (with Lil Wayne) (#10)
2012 - The Hardest Ever (T.H.E.) (with and Mick Jagger) (#3)

Black Eyed Peas' Just Can't Get Enough - Their Tenth US Top 10 Hit

The Black Eyed Peas' tenth Top 10 hit in the US is Just Can't Get Enough.  The song has peaked at #3.  Here are their Top 10 hits in the US -

2003 - Where's the Love (#8)
2005 - Don't Phunk With My Heart (#3)
2005 - My Humps (#3)
2009 - Boom Boom Pow (#1)
2009 - I Gotta Feeling (#1)
2009 - Meet Me Halfway (#7)
2010 - Rock That Body (#9)
2010 - Imma Be (#1)
2010 - The Time (Dirty Bit (#4)
2011 - Just Can't Get Enough (#3)

In the UK, the same song has already peaked at #3, making it their thirteenth UK Top 10 hit.   This week, the song slips from #5 to #8.  Below are their UK top 10 hits.

2003 - Where Is the Love (with Justin Timberlake) (#1)
2003 - Shut Up (#2)
2004 - Hey Mama (#6)
2005 - Don't Phunk With My Heart (#3)
2005 - Don't Lie (#6)
2005 - My Humps (#3)
2006 - Pump It (#3)
2006 - Mas Que Nada (with Sergio Mendes) (#6)
2009 - Boom Boom Pow (#1)
2009 - I Gotta Feeling (#1)
2009 - Meet Me Halfway (#1)
2010 - The Time (Dirty Bit) (#1)
2011 - Just Can't Get Enough (#3)

They also score their fourth Top 10 album in the UK, as The Beginning, reenters the Top 10 at #8.  Below are their Top 10 albums in the UK -

2003 - ELephunk (#3)
2005 - Monkey Business (#4)
2009 - The E.N.D (#3)
2010 - The Beginning (#9)

They also get their third Top 10 album in the US, as The Beginning, debuts at #6.  Below are their other Top 10 albums in the US -

2005 - Monkey Business (#2)
2009 - The E.N.D (#1)
2010 - The Beginning (#6)

Chart Performance: Jason Aldean

 Jason Aldean's fourth top 10 album in the US and his first #1 album, Night Train returns to the top 10 this week at #8. Here are his top 10 albums in the US -

2007 - Relentless (#4)
2009 - Wide Open (#4)
2010 - My Kinda Party (#2)
2012 - Night Train (#1)

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Chart Performance: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj's fifth top 10 hit in the UK, Pound the Alarm, returns to the top 10 this week at #8.  That is the current peak position of that song.  Here are her top 10 hits in the UK -

2010 - 2012 (It Ain't the End) (with Jay Sean) (#9)
2011 - Where Them Girls At (with David Guetta and Flo Rida) (#3)
2012 - Starships (#3)
2012 - Turn Me On (with David Guetta) (#10)
2012 - Pound the Alarm (#8)

Her first UK Top 10 album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, debuted at #1 a few weeks back and is at #10 this week.

Her eighth top 10 hit in the US, Beauty and a Beat, her collaboration with Justin Bieber, slips to #7 this week.

2010 - Bottoms Up (with Trey Songz) (#6)
2011 - Till The World Ends (with Britney Spears and Ke$ha) (#3)
2011 - Super Bass (#3)
2011 - Make Me Proud (with Drake) (#9)
2012 - Dance (with Big Sean) (#10)
2012 - Turn Me On (with David Guetta) (#4)
2012 - Starships (#5)
2012 - Beauty and a Beat (with Justin Bieber) (#5)

Nicki Minaj's first #1 album in the US was Pink Friday.  Her second #1 album is Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, which debuted at #1 and slips to #8 this week.  It's her third top 10 album though as her first top 10 album was her collaboration with Young Money, in the #9 album We Are Young Money.
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Give Me Everything: Afrojack's First UK and US #1 Hit

Afrojack, aka Nick van de Wall, is a Grammy-award winning Dutch producer who is credited in Pitbull's first UK #1 song, Give Me Everything.  This is also his first UK #1 where he was credited fully.

In the US, the same song is almost at #1, staying for another week at #4.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aloe Blacc Still Needs His Benjamins

Aloe Blacc gets his first UK Top 10 album this week as Good Things moves up six places to #8.

His first UK Top 10 hit, I Need A Dollar, slips from #2 to #5 this week.  The song has peaked at #2.  He's actually American but he's based in Europe.

Alexandra Stan's Mr. Saxobeat a UK Top 10

Alexandra Stan is a Romanian singer who gets her first UK Top 10 hit with Mr. Saxobeat.  The song has peaked at #2. 

Chart Performance: Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger gets her fifth UK Top 10 hit this week, as Right There, zooms eleven places from #14 to #3.  As part of the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole has been consistently hitting the UK Top 10.  Below are her Top 10 hits in the UK - outside the Pussycat Dolls -

2007 - Come to Me (with Diddy) (#4)
2010 - Heartbeat (with Enrique Iglesias) (#8)
2010 - Poison (#3)
2011 - Don't Hold Your Breath (#1)
2011 - Right There (#3)

Also, this week, she gets her first Top 10 album in the UK, as Killer Love, debuts at #8.
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Chart Performance: Example

Example gets his sixth UK top 10 hit this week, as Say Nothing, debuts at #2 this week.  Here are his Top 10 hits in the UK

2010 - Won't Go Quietly (#6)
2010 - Kickstarts (#3)
2011 - Unorthodox (#2) (with Wretch 32)
2012 - We'll Be Coming Back (with Calvin Harris) (#2) 
2012 - Say Nothing (#2)
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Friday, June 10, 2011

My Favorite Pet Shop Boy Classics: #5 - Always On My Mind

I still couldn't shake off the idea that Elvis Presley actually sang this song! I mean, listening to Elvis' then the Pet Shop Boy's version - you would immediately notice how unique the PSB's version is of this classic. No wonder it made the Top 10 in many different countries.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Favorite Song in Lady Gaga's Born This Way Album

I've been giving Lady Gaga's Born This Way a few spins this past few days and there are some interesting songs in it. Aside of course from the first three singles she released - Born This Way, Judas, and The Edge of Glory - this is the song that I actually like - Fashion of His Love - which people have been saying, was written for Alexander McQueen. Not bad! It has that unmistakeable 80s beat which I think I've heard in Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". Well, it just sounds like it. I guess Lady Gaga was really influenced by 80s music here since Born This Way also sounds like "Like A Prayer"!

The Sweet Energy of Gary Valenciano

“Teach me to trust in you with all of my heart, to lean not on my own understanding, cause I just forget, you won’t give me what I can’t bear, take me out of the dark, my lord, I don’t want to be there, ooh, ooh my lord.”  Such was the sweet and inspirational lines that served as a “lullaby song” for me during one night of the 80s.  I was alone in the darkness of my room, and as if, a certain electrical powers run through my veins as I was virtually touched by the message of the song.  I didn’t know the singer, but I really felt that he performed the song from the very core of his heart.  In fact , I could sense that the song, mirrored or reflected something about this man’s past life.  Because of my curiosity, I came to know that the man behind the song is no other than Gary Valenciano, Mr. Pure Energy, or Gary V. as he is fondly called.  Born on August 6,1964, to a bicolano father and to a Puerto Rican mother of Italian descent, the boy was christened Edgardo Jose Martin Santiago Valenciano.(1)  Gary’s mother used to sang opera in manila during 1960s.  It is given that Gary inherited his beautiful voice from his mother.  He attended his primary and secondary schooling at the La Salle Greenhills.  That is why he can be seen sometimes at the gallery of “Animo La Salle” fans during the UAAP basketball games.  The fact that music and singing are very much in his veins and blood, and coupled with gifts of dancing and energy, Gary V, made his debut in the music industry and later, as an actor.  Early on in his career, lady luck already smiled on him by reaping accolades, recognition, and praises not only from the music industry, but also from the movie industry.  Without doubt, Teenagers, young adults, and even the “oldies” idolize Gary’s voice and his signature movements and dance.  The songs, ‘eto na naman (here comes again), ‘di bale na lang (just don’t give a piece of mind),’ were welcomed with so much enthusiasm and fervor.  Imagine Gary V. singing the tunes together with ala Michael Jackson moves, surely, the viewers cannot but be struck in awe and amazements.  I once saw unbelievable energy when he performed at the SM North Edsa, sometime in the 80s.  I was really petrified by his dazzling moves and indefatigable energy.  We have many singers cum dancers here in the Philippines, but, no one magnetize me so much to his mini or major concerts than, Mr. Pure Energy.  He is really enjoyable and inspiring to behold once he performs in any show.  The audience don’t get tired of watching him because they, too, are electrified by his energy.  However, in all of those seemingly “superman” activities of Mr. Gary V, we can also hear some sad, dramatic events, and trials that somehow just exposes the human side of Mr. Pure Energy.  In his 23 year career, one can hardly see that he has a “sweet cross” that he carries with sweetness and serenity---Gary V. is a diabetic.  When Angeli Pangilinan married him, she knew that Gary’ zest and fervor cannot be hindered by this trial.  So, she decided to manage her husband’s affairs so that she could moderate and take care of his health.  The couple even have three kids who are all energetic just like their father.  Another trial that crossed his career was the famous rivalry with Martin Nievera, his contemporary.  Martin is also well-loved by his generations, and in fact, even to the present, Martin’s style is a crowd drawer.  Actually, he is dubbed as the concert king of the Philippines.  With this kind of rivalry, where Gary V. somehow felt the “underdog,” he drifted into a false sense of insecurity.  He pitied himself.  He thought that his career would come to an end.  But God, has other plans for Gary.  He doesn’t want that Mr. Pure Energy’s talents be put into waste.  Hence, Mr. Gary V. reflected again on his composition: “teach me to trust in you with all of my heart, to lean not on my own understanding, cause I just forget you won’t give me what I can’t bear, take me out of the dark my lord, I don’t want to be there.”  Gary V. became a changed man and a singer.  He accepted other’s god-given talents and recognized his own and weaknesses.  He turned to the Lord and offer his talents for god’s greater glory.  Later, Martin and Gary V. became friends and they consolidated their friendship by staging a major concert at the Araneta Coliseum.  Dubbed as “As 1”, they really performed their hearts out to the delight and amusements of their fans.  Indeed, the warrior in Gary V’s person is a child.  A child, because he humbled himself like a little one, so as to be helped and taken out from the darkness of insecurities in life.  The sweetness of his perseverance and his ever enduring courage and energy will actually rub on to his fans and admirers.

1.    WikiPilipinas

Monday, June 6, 2011

Status Quo Returns To UK Top 10 with Quid Pro Quo

With a span of 40 years from their first Top 10 album to this week, where their album Quid Pro Quo debuts at #10, Status Quo had a total of sixteen Top 10 albums in the UK, with four of them, reaching #1.  These are their Top 10 albums in the UK -

1972 - Piledriver (#5)
1973 - Hello! (#1)
1974 - Quo (#2)
1975 - On The Level (#1)
1976 - Blue For You (#1)
1977 - Rockin All Over the World (#5)
1978 - If You Can't Stand the Heat (#3)
1979 - Whatever You Want (#3)
1980 - Just Supposin (#4)
1981 - Never Too Late (#2)
1982 - 1982 (#1)
1983 - Back To Back (#9)
1986 - In the Army Now (#7)
1991 - Rock Til You Drop (#10)
1996 - Don't Stop (#6)
2011 - Quid Pro Quo (#10)

Take That's Progress Returns to UK Top 10

Take That's sixth #1 and ninth top 10 album in the UK, Progress, slips from #5 to #9 this week.  These are their top 10 albums in the UK -

1992 - Take That and Party (#2)
1993 - Everything Changes (#1)
1995 - Nobody Else (#1)
1996 - Greatest Hits (#1)
2005 - Never Forget: The Ultimate Collection (#2)
2006 - Beautiful World (#1)
2008 - The Circus (#1)
2009 - The Greatest Day - Take That Present: The Circus Live (#3)
2010 - Progress (#1)

Take That's nineteenth Top 10 hit in the UK, 'The Flood' peaked at #2.  Below are their Top 10 hits in the UK -

1992 - It Only Takes A Minute (#7)
1992 - A Million Love Songs (#7)
1992 - Could It Be Magic (#3)
1993 - Why Can't I Wake Up With You (#2)
1993 - Pray (#1)
1993 - Relight My Fire (with Lulu) (#1)
1993 - Babe (#1)
1994 - Everything Changes (#1)
1994 - Love Ain't Here Anymore (#3)
1994 - Sure (#1)
1995 - Back For Good (#1)
1995 - Never Forget (#1)
1996 - How Deep Is Your Love (#1)
2006 - Patience (#1)
2007 - Shine (#1)
2007 - Rule the World (#2)
2008 - Greatest Day (#1)
2009 - Said It All (#9)
2010 - The Flood (#2)

Seasick Steve Puts Blues Back in UK Top 10 Again

Seasick Steve gets his third Top 10 album in the UK, as You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks, debuts at #5.  He's an American blues musician.

These are his Top 10 albums in the UK -

2008 - I Started Out With Nothin and I Still Got Most of It Left (#9)
2009 - Man From Another Time (#4)
2011 - You Can't Teach An Old Dogs New Tricks (#5)

Chart Performance: Jessie J

Jessie J is an English singer/songwriter and was one of the co-writer's of Miley Cyrus' hit 'Party In the USA'.  Below are her Top 10 songs in the UK

2010 - Do It Like A Dude (#2)
2011 - Price Tag (with B.o.B.) (#1)
2011 - Nobody's Perfect (#9)
2011 - Who You Are (#8)
2012 - Domino (#1)
2012 - Laserlight (#5)

Her album, Who You Are, returns to the top 10 this week at #7.  It has peaked at #2.
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The Pierces You and I: Their First UK Top 10 Album

The Pierces get their first UK Top 10 album this week, as You and I debuts at #4.

Lil Wayne's How To Love Reaches Top 5 Territory in the US

Interestingly, Lil Wayne has never had a UK Top 10 hit, till this week!  His collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, I'm Into You, moves 3 places into #10 this week.

In the US, his fourteenth Top 10 hit, How To Love, slips to moves to #9 this week, after peaking at #5.   Here are his Top 10 hits in the US -

2004 - Soldier (with Destiny's Child and T.I.) (#3)
2006 - You (with Lloyd) (#9)
2008 - Can't Believe It (with T-Pain) (#7)
2008 - Let It Rock (with Kevin Rudolf) (#5)
2008 - Lollipop (with Static Major) (#1)
2008 - A Milli (#6)
2008 - Got Money (with T-Pain) (#10)
2009 - Down (with Jay Sean) (#1)
2009 - Forever (with Drake, Kanye West and Eminem) (#8)
2010 - Right Above It (with Drake) (#6)
2010 - We are the World 25 For Haiti (with Artists For Haiti) (#2)
2010 - 6 Foot 7 Foot (with Corey Gunz) (#9)
2011 - Look At Me Now (with Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown) (#6)
2011 - How To Love (#5)

Lil Wayne's latest provocatively titled album, 'I Am Not A Human Being' becomes his second #1 album in the US.  This is also his ninth Top 10 album in the US.  Below is a list of these albums -

1999 - Tha Block is Hot (#3)
2002 - 500 Degreez (#6)
2004 - Tha Carter (#5)
2005 - Tha Carter II (#2)
2006 - Like Father, Like Son (#3)
2008 - Tha Carter III (#1)
2010 - Rebirth (#2)
2009 - We Are Young Money (#9)
2010 - I Am Not A Human Being (#1)

Digging Marie Digby

“Hi there -My name is Marié Digby. I live in Los Angeles and Tokyo for the most part. I'm half Irish and half Japanese. I love music more than anything in life – I live and breathe it. I like making videos and I hope to entertain you for even a few short minutes :)”
            These are words from Marie Digby’s youtube page. I was a youtube fanatic myself and I’ve seen some of her youtube videos and have clicked the thumb up icon because I like some of the songs that she did.
            Her page earned some honors such as:
#50 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Musicians
#2 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Japan
#2 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Musicians - Japan
#2 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Partners - Japan
#8 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Japan
#5 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Musicians - Japan
#8 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Partners - Japan
            Digby is recognized on YouTube for her simple popular music covers, which include Linkin Park, Game, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Maroon 5, Incubus, Lady Gaga, Usher and Nelly Furtado, as well as her original compositions. She has over 265,000 subscribers and her channel has been viewed over 7 million times. Her videos have amassed over 102 million views, the most popular being a cover of Umbrella by Rihanna, which has gained over 18 million views.
            Digby once recorded a video of hers in the bathroom because "The bathroom has the best acoustics in her house".
            Marié Christina Digby (pronounced  as mɑriˈeɪ dɪɡbi/ mar-ee-ay dig-bee; born April 16, 1983) is the oldest of three siblings. Her two sisters are Naomi (born December 12, 1985) and Erina (born August 8, 1987). Her mother is Japanese and her father is an Irish American.
            Marié is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist and actress. Widely known for her acoustic cover version of "Umbrella" (a song by Rihanna), which attracted attention on YouTube in 2007. The song was subsequently played on the radio station STAR 98.7, was featured on the highly rated third season opening episode of the MTV show The Hills, and peaked at #10 on the Bubbling under Hot 100 Singles chart. Digby performed the song on the late night talk show Last Call with Carson Daly on August 2, 2007. Since then, Digby has released three studio albums, including one Japanese cover album. These albums have spawned 5 singles overall. She has released a 17-episode web mini-series called Breathing Underwater, the same name as her 3rd album.
            She began writing songs during high school in Los Angeles, California. After her freshman year at the University of California, Berkeley, she won the 2004 Pantene Pro-Voice competition with her song "Miss Invisible". The grand prize for the concert included working with a professional producer on an album, $5,000 and performing on stage with other top performers.
            After performing at night clubs, Digby signed a publishing deal with Rondor Music, a subsidiary of Vivendi SA's Universal Music Group in early 2005. By the end of 2005, Marié had signed with Disney's Hollywood Records and her first album of original songs was completed by the end of 2006. Also in 2006, her song "Fool" was included on the Disney compilation album Girl Next. In early 2007, she began to post simple videos of herself singing cover songs of other artists on YouTube in order to gain visibility. Hollywood Records then released a studio recording of her rendition of "Umbrella" to iTunes and radio stations. She often performs with a Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar.
                Digby's first official single, "Say It Again", was released to radio stations on January 18, 2008. Her debut album, Unfold, which was completed over a year before, was released on April 8, 2008. The design of the cover for the album was mostly based on the sketches she drew during her downtime while recording the album. She worked with some of Hollywood's best including Tom Rothrock (Producer), Charlie Paxson (drums) and Matt Chait (guitar). Many different editions of the album exist, including a Japanese edition with different cover artwork and an alternate track listing. The album's second single, "Stupid For You", was released in September, 2008.
            Digby released a collection of Japanese cover songs on March 4, 2009. The album, titled Second Home, was recorded completely in Japanese and received a limited release only in Japan.
            Digby's second English release was originally slated for release in May 2009, but she asked the label to push the release date back until she found a manager at Hollywood Records. According, Breathing Underwater was now to be released on September 8, 2009. The album was leaked to the Internet on April 8, 2009, before the release date. She had a one night only concert in the Philippines on August 1, 2009 at The Tent in Taguig City.
            On May 23, 2010, Digby announced from her twitter that she "will be making a new Japanese and American album very soon". This would be her third album composed in English and second album composed in Japanese. Both these albums have yet to be titled and yet to have a release date.
            Digby released a 17-episode series - Breathing Underwater, viewable at, in conjunction with the Lilith Women's campaign. This series is about how it inspired Digby to write and create her second English album under the same title. The series kick started July 1, 2010.
            On December 8, 2010, Digby was featured as one of the many artists to do an urban cover on Disney's Urban Pop Disney CD. Along with DJ Hasebe, Digby sang and put a twist on The Little Mermaid's Part of Your World.
            On September 6, 2007, The Wall Street Journal alleged that Digby's YouTube success was part of an [1]astroturfing strategy, suggesting that the singer feigned her amateur status as part of Hollywood Records' online strategy. The article stated that the record label signed Digby eighteen months prior to being a YouTube phenomenon.
            Digby responded to the article, writing on her blog that she never lied about being signed to Hollywood Records and has stated that her videos were her own "desperate" response to a lack of promotion.
            Digby has ventures encouraging young people to get involved in songwriting and musical performance. In 2009, she sponsored a songwriting contest for Bronx teenagers through The Generation Project, a non-profit organization that facilitates donor-designed charitable gifts to children in low-income areas. The winner of Digby's contest—a special education student from the Bronx—received a brand-new guitar with accessories.
            Digby held an autographed a Fender Stratocaster and Les Paul Guitar Giveaway Contest on YouTube. Contestants were asked to create an original video that included her hit single "Say It Again" in some fashion.
            On April 1, 2011, Digby, together with 29 other musicians participated in Jam For Japan Manila, a benefit concert for victims of the massive March 11 earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.
            Digby has been also engaged in making movies and short films and has released her first movie, or rather a 17-episode web mini-series called "Breathing Underwater". At first, Digby wanted the movie to be called[i] "Feel" but “Breathing Underwater” is confirmed. The movie is released on the 1st of July 2010 at The movie centers on how Marié came across writing the songs in “Breathing Underwater”, her second album, and the making of it. The movie stars herself, some of her friends (namely Kristin and JT) and professional actors. The movie was made possible by Hollywood Records and StoryMusicStory.

[1] Astroturfing is a form of advocacy often in support of a political or corporate agenda designed to give the appearance of a "grassroots" movement. The goal of such campaigns is to disguise the efforts of a political and/or commercial entity as an independent public reaction to some political entity—a politician, political group, product, service or event. The term is a derivation of AstroTurf, a brand of synthetic carpeting designed to look like natural grass.