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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Esperanza Spalding's First US Top 10 Album

Esperanza Spalding, 2011's Grammy Best New Artist gets her first top 10 album in the US this week, as Radio Music Society, debuts at #10.

Concert Review: Going MmmmBop with Hanson

Although the ubiquitous Mmmbop may be the only song most people know from these brothers, pop lovers like me actually has mined their discography with a lot of other great pop songs which have the same infectious beat as that hit.  In a way, Hanson's music is like antiseptic pop, much like how the boys live - no rowdy hotel thrashings, no news of sex with groupies - just joyful pop music sang in combined melodic tune by these three brothers who can sing. 

I could safely say that 80% of last night's crowd were girls.  Not surprising considering how cute the boys are, especially Zac and Taylor.  Everytime the cameraman pans their faces, especially Zac's, the whole coliseum erupts in shrieks, especially when the cameraman really zooms in his face.  It's apparent Zac's pretty shy since he just smiles and waves and doesn't even talk or say hi.  Everyone loved it everytime he brushed his hands across that long hair of his.  Picture a very cute Samson with twinkling eyes!

Anyhow, good thing the boys do sound great and they can still play a mean set, fifteen years after gaining worldwide fame.  Their current songs may not find any radio audience anymore but I still like many of them.  They sang Waiting For This, Thinkin' Bout Something and Give A Little, from their latest CD, Shout it Out.  And did a slew of hits like Where's the Love, Thinking About You, If Only, Penny and Me, and of course, Mmmbop.  Mysteriously, they omitted I Will Come To You!  Not even in the encore!

One of the highlights last night was our observation of how nice Taylor's ass was and how big his package was too!  The cameraman, who we think is gay, just shows his ass from time to time and especially when Taylor jumps, you just can't just take your eyes off THAT!  It was really amusing!

Only Taylor was a bit wild (which is even tame compared to most acts) last night and Zac and the oldest brother were pretty behaved.  Incredible really, considering how goodlooking they are.  I guess their shyness has become part of their appeal.

I would love to hear what their next album sounds like.  As I told you, I love pop music and these boys' music has been as infectious as it was when they started almost two decades ago.
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It's Three For Three For Christian Bautista

Christian Bautista's third release from his album Outbound goes to #1 this week making it three for three for the local balladeer. 

Here are my favorite songs for the week ending March 30, 2012 -

#2 - Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up (#2)

#3 - Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (#4)

#4 - Kermit the Frog - Pictures in My Head (NEW)

I watched the movie, The Muppets this week and this song by Kermit captures my heart!

#5 - Hanson - A Minute Without You (RE)

Due to their concert this week, Hanson returns to the top 10 with their former #1 song, A Minute Without You.

#6 - Krissy and Ericka - 12:51 (RE)

#7 - Hanson -Thinkin' Bout Somethin' (NEW)

This new single from their latest album, Shout It Out, debuts at #7 this week.
#8 - Hanson - Waiting For Something (NEW)

Three singles from their latest album enjoy top 10 slots this week, these songs at #8 and #9.

#9 - Hanson - Give A Little (NEW)

#10 - Hanson - Thinking of You (RE)

This classic from Hanson returns to the top 10 at #10.
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Concert Review: We Honestly Love You, Olivia Newton-John

I arrived late for the show thinking it would start at the usual 9PM.  I just arrived in time to finish Xanadu, which was a drag, since it was one of the songs I was really looking forward for her to sing.  I was a bit thrown off during the first part of her show as she immediately did Magic and Suddenly which were, again, some of the songs I really liked from her.  At this point, I was still catching my breath since I had to rush to Araneta after watching the musical, Jekyll and Hyde in Makati, so I wasn't able to prepare my camera to video her performances for the two songs.  Tsk tsk....

Anyhow, soon as I settled, ONJ, as one of my seatmates called out to her, launched into a medley of country songs which included Dolly Parton's Jolene and John Denver's Country Roads.  That started the nostalgia feel a bit for me.

One thing for sure was that she still sounded good and looked good!  She looked fit even considering she'd be like 10 years older than me, or maybe more!

Continuing on, the most applauded parts from her show tonight were her songs from Grease - not surprisingly. I didn't know Hopelessly Devoted To You came from that movie.  Why haven't they remade that movie yet?  They already remade Footloose and Dirty Dancing, why not Grease?  Today's generation should be able to discover the beauty of this catchy pop musical.

Yes, she did Physical and yes, she danced to it, launching it first as a mellow song, then stopping one-fourth of the way and asked the audience, "Would you like to hear it in its original form?" - which of course got a loud YES from everyone.  Well, some did stand and danced to it but my seatmates were content to clap and sway. Really, it was a very mature audience last night!

Physical may be her most popular hit, but it was I Honestly Love You which really brought the house down.  This was the first spontaneous standing ovation that I saw in a live show this year.  Most of the audience, mature as they were, were content to sit the concert through, but once ONJ finished the song, the reaction was just spontaneous - it was so beautiful to see!  I'm sure it moved ONJ too!  Even the guys beside me were cheering for her when she was singing that song. 

With all the love songs she sang last night, I'm sure many in the audience felt like it was Valentine's Day all over again!
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