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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chart Performance: Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine's first #1 and top 10 single in the UK, Spectrum (Say My Name), a Calvin Harris remix, slips to #7 this week. It had stayed at #1 for three weeks.

They also have two #1 albums in the UK charts, Ceremonials and Lungs

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Reminiscing On Chris Isaak

I can't believe it's been 22 years since this song Wicked Game, became a worldwide hit for Chris Isaak. It was one of the most original and haunting songs to come out of that year, 1990. When pop was so prevalent with Milli Vanilli and New Kids on the Block, his song kinda sounded like an antithesis to everything that was happening in radio then. I am listening to it now and it still sounds as fresh and haunting and atmospheric as it did two decades ago!

Chris Isaak: Beyond The Sun

After 21 years, Chris Isaak gets his second Top 10 album in the UK, as Beyond the Sun, debuts at #6.  In 1991, Wicked Game peaked at #3.

Chart Performance: Cover Drive

Cover Drive is a Barbados-based pop group and this week, they get their second UK top 10 hit, as Sparks debuts at #4.  Their very first UK #1 hit, Twilight, went to #1 earlier this year. 
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Chart Performance: Flo Rida

Flo Rida has five #1 songs in the UK and eleven top 10 hits.  -

2007 - Low (with T-Pain) (#2)
2009 - Right Round (with Ke$ha) (#1)
2009 - Bad Boys (with Alexandra Burke) (#1)
2010 - Higher (with The Saturdays) (#10)
2011 - Where Them Girls At (with David Guetta and Nicki Minaj) (#3)
2011 - Good Feeling (#1)  
2012 - Wild Ones (with Sia) (#5)
2012 - Whistle (#2)
2012 - I Cry (#6)
2012 - Troublemaker (with Olly Murs) (#1)

In the US, he has nine top 1o hits, the latest, being I Cry, which reenters the top 10 at #10 this week.
2007 - Low (with T-Pain) (#1)
2008 - In The Ayer (with (#9)
2009 - Right Round (with Ke$ha) (#1)
2009 - Sugar (with Wynter) (#5)
2010 - Club Can't Handle Me (with David Guetta) (#9)
2011 - Good Feeling (#3) 
2012 - Wild Ones (with Sia) (#5)
2012 - Whistle (#1)
2012 - I Cry (#6)

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Chart Performance: Kimbra

Kimbra is a New Zealand singer-songwriter and her first UK #1 hit, Somebody That I Used to Know, her collaboration with Gotye, moves up to #9 this week.  It's also her first Top 10 hit in the UK.

It's also her first number 1 song in the US, which stayed at #1 for five weeks. This week, it stays at #6 for another week. 
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Chart Performance: Gotye

Gotye is a Belgian-Australian multi-instrumental musician and singer-songwriter whose hit,  Somebody That I Used to Know, his collaboration with Kimbra went to #1 in the UK.     

The song also went to #1 in the US, where it stayed at #1 for five weeks.  It's his first ever #1 song in the US. This week, the song moves down to #6.

His album, Making Mirrors, is at #10 this week in the UK charts.  It has peaked at #4.  In the US, it moves up 25 notches to #6, it's new peak position.   
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My OPM Myx Countdown Votes This Week: January 29, 2012

I am starting to vote once again for the songs in the OPM Myx Countdown after being inactive for more than six months.  These will be the number of votes I will give each song every day so they stay in the charts.  My favorite local songs right now are -

1.  Basically by Karylle - 3 votes
2.  Halik by Kamikazee - 2 votes
3.  Kapitan  by Gracenote - 1 vote
4.  Alay by Young JV - 1 vote
5.  Di Mo Na Kaya by Hijo - 1 vote
6.  Ang Sarap Maging Single by Eevee - 1 vote
7.  Tayong Dalawa by Kiss Jane - 1 vote

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Friday, January 27, 2012

David Guetta Now Gets Some Lovin' From America

David Guetta is finally getting some lovin' from America.  His songs have been for a long time already, a staple of the dance floors in Europe and Asia but most of those songs just did a middling performance in America - except for Sexy Bitch, his collaboration with Akon, which reached #5 in 2009.

Earlier this year, his collaboration with Usher, Without You, peaked at #4.  Almost immediately, he returns to the same position, with this third Top 10 hit in the US, Turn Me On, his collaboration with Nicki Minaj!   The song stays another week at #5.  Finally, his songs are getting to the positions where they should be!  And there's more to come since his collaboration with Sia, Titanium is already a hit in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Chart Performance: Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson has ten top 10 hits in the US, three of them going all the way to #1.

2002 - Before Your Love/A Moment Like This (#1)
2003 - Miss Independent (#9)
2004 - Breakaway (#6)
2004 - Since U Been Gone (#2)
2005 - Behind These Hazel Eyes (#6)
2005 - Because of You (#7)
2007 - Never Again (#8)
2009 - My Life Would Suck Without You (#1)
2011 - Mr. Know-It-All (#10)
2012 - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) (#1)

Across the Atlantic, in the UK, she as eight top ten songs with one #1 song.

2003 - Miss Independent (#6)
2004 - Since U Been Gone (#5)
2005 - Behind These Hazel Eyes (#9)
2005 - Because of You (#7)
2007 - Never Again (#9)
2009 - My Life Would Suck Without You (#1)
2011 - Mr. Know-It-All (#4)
2012 - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) (#8)

She also has five top 10 albums in the US, two of them going all the way to #1.
2003 - Thankful (#1)
2004 - Breakaway (#3)
2007 - My December (#2)
2009 - All I Ever Wanted (#1)
2012 - Stronger (#2)
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Grammy's 2012: My Choice for Best Pop Solo Performance

The category, Best Pop Solo Performance has some very strong nominees, including Lady Gaga (You and I), Pink (Fuckin' Perfect), Katy Perry (Firework) and Bruno Mars (Grenade).    However, my vote will go to Adele's rendition of Someone Like You.  It's so honest and heartbreaking to listen to.

Grammys 2012: My Choice for Best New Artist

The nominees for this year's Grammy Best New Artist category include J. Cole, Bon Iver, The Band Perry and Skrillex but my vote will go to Nicki Minaj, who is one of the more interesting acts to come out of the woodwork last year.

Knife Party and Swedish House Mafia: Antidote

Chart Performance: Sia

Here are Sia's top 10 hits in the UK -

2000 - Taken For Granted (#10)

2011 - Titanium (with David Guetta) (#1)

2011 - Wild Ones (with Flo Rida) (#4)

2012 - She Wolf (with David Guetta) (#8)

2014 - Chandelier (#6)

In the US, Titanium peaked at #7, while Wild Ones peaked at #5.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Concert Review: Katy Perry's Delectable California Dreams Tour

Katy Perry's California Dreams Tour is only my second concert for the year but it's already my #1 favorite concert of the year - and the other acts who are coming here may have to do a lot, just for me to change my decision.  Ironically, that Sunday night outing almost turned out sour!  For us who were not able to get the front seat tickets and had to content ourselves with the Titanium ones (not cheap huh at 7K each!!) had to come early since the seats were first come-first served - so my friends and I were already queueing at 5:30PM!  We were able to enter around 6PM and we spent the time waiting for the show to start by eating Mcdo burgers, the ladies had their pics taken at the Dove booth and we made small talk, excitedly waiting for the show to start.

The front act, DJ Skeet Skeet came on at 8PM and dj-ed for about thirty minutes, playing today's popular dance songs.  His act ended at 8:30PM and we all thought the show would start by 9PM.  However, the clock ticked at 10PM and still there was no Katy!  People were already starting to boo!  Anyway, at around 10:10, Katy started the show and apologized for the delay due to some technical difficulties.  We soon understood why the "technical difficulties" were important to her show!

Katy interposed a story video of her metamorphosis from being an ordinary girl to Kitty Perry and between that video story, was her show!  She opened her show with Teenage Dream and then followed it with Hummingbird Heartbeat and Ur So Gay.  However, there were several parts which I enjoyed a lot!  First of all was her Hot and Cold sequence where she changed seven times on stage!  It was confounding to us to see her make so many costume changes in so short a time!  The piece-de-resistance was when two dancers sprinkled her with gold dust and as they settled, her dress also changed at the same time!  Que nivel!

Another great part of her show was when she asked a guy to go onstage so she could kiss him!  It was the very hunky Ivan Dorschner who offered, (although my friends think they should've gotten a moreno guy!) and he went upstage and got a wet smack from the handsome guy!

Katy sang all of her hits and as her show peaked she topped it with some foam-spraying when she sang California Gurls!  I also loved her Firework sequence where actual fireworks emanated from the stage!  That was tres cool!  Then, she also had  a laser lights sequence, although I forgot for what song!  With all the special effects Katy had on her show, we finally understood why technical difficulties really mattered!

Can't wait for Katy to release her next album. She has joined the ranks of Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga - pop singers whose concerts are truly grand spectacles!
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