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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Discovering Aiza Seguerra's Genius!

Vic had invited me to watch Aiza Seguerra, once in Araneta, and again in the Music Museum, but I begged off both times, since I was not really familiar with her discography.  I thought, at that time, that I wasn't really into her style of singing - which is acoustic - and at that time, I thought that watching an acoustic concert was something I won't enjoy because I easily fall asleep!

Anyway, now I understand why people love Aiza!  She's really the real deal!  A true artist who sings more from her heart, rather than just bamboozling everyone with birit notes!  She's the antithesis of all the birit queens I've had to endure all my life!

And although she only sang three songs last night, she was full on!! Talkative, funny, sincere, irreverent and a fantastic singer!  She's the only singer yet who made me teary-eyed singing to David Guetta and Sia's Titanium! I swear! I didn't even know that that was a break-up song - till she sang it with such tenderness.

She's also a fantastic guitarist and she can strum it like any other great guitarist I have seen in live shows!  She did a version of the Eraserheads' Huling El Bimbo last night and I was really impressed with how she worked the guitar!  Sometimes you'd think only a dude can do that!!

The funny thing lang though, is now, she really looks like a guy - but her looks can really be deceiving - because behind all that 'macho' posturing and those tattoos - and that rockin' Kiss shirt she wore for the show (talk about being underdressed!!) - she's really a sensitive interpreter of songs - a real OPM gem of a talent - and it's a pity I only finally discovered what all the rest of the Philippines had known for a long time!

Juris Forevermore Concert Pictures

Juris announced on her concert Forevermore that she and her hubby are having a baby!  Congratulations to the happy couple!

Anyhow, here are more pictures I took during her show last night!

Juris: Blooming and Excited in Her Forevermore Concert!

I have been wanting to see Juris live for the longest time, but it's either the venues of her shows were in Pasay or coincided with another show that I had to watch.  Anyway, finally, I saw her tonight at the cozy Teatrino at the Greenhills Promenade.

She said it was her birthday concert, something she hasn't done these past few years.  She also happily announced that she and her hubby are finally having a baby, after years of praying, so she tearfully says - lamenting that finally, she doesn't have to fend off offensive questions from fans or families - our kababayans can sometimes be really tactless when it comes to asking couples, why they don't have kids yet when they've been married for years!!

The concert was vintage Juris.  She opened and closed the show with fast songs but as she herself admits, it's not really what she likes to sing!  She said candidly, she prefers to sing songs that would put the audience to sleep, but she immediately quips back in defense - "Uy, huwag kayo matulog ha!".

I think she said that because she has always preferred to sing slow love songs, and many of her hits have been those types of songs.  Anyway, I was happy she sang Di Lang Ikaw, but more on that in another post.  I liked that she sang Adam Levine's Lost Stars as well.

Frankly, she sounds much much better live,than in the record.  Her songs can seem lethargic on radio but when you see her doing it live, her voice is just amazing.  She showcased that when she did an acapella version of Michael Buble's That's All - which is her husband's favorite song!

I had a slight brush with her too when she put the mike on my mouth as she was singing Michael Jackson's Rock With You!!  Asking a non-singer to sing in front of an audience would totally freak the audience out.  Good thing no voice came out of my mouth!  She apparently thought I was singing out loud - when I was just actually lip synching!

She sounded very excited about having a baby and was always holding her tummy during the fast portion of her song!  Well, she said she might be gone for a few months, while infanticipating, but she said she'll be back soon.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Demi Lovato's Setlist for Manila Concert

I might still have a chance to watch Demi Lovato in her second concert here in Manila. I missed the first one but I do hope I can watch this one.  Problem is, I will only have extra money after April 7, so good luck to me!

Anyhow, here is her concert setlist for the Manila concert.

The Script Setlist for their Manila Concert

The tickets to The Script's show in Manila is almost sold out and the one's left are at a pricey 7k pesos each (US$160)!  I might have to skip their show this time and maybe wait for their next trip here.

Anyhow, here's the setlist of their show here in Manila.

  1. Encore:

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Setlist for the One Direction Concert Here in Manila

The fans of One Direction are surely looking forward to see their favorite boys here.  I don't have tickets to the show and I won't most likely watch it since I'm not familiar with the songs of the group.

Anyway, here is the most likely setlist of their show here in Manila -

  1. (Daft Punk cover)
  2. Encore:

Incubus Setlist for Manila Concert

90s rock band Incubus returns to Manila and I'm sure their fans are eager again to see them perform here. Here is the setlist of the songs they will most likely perform here as well -

  1. Encore:

Ed Sheeran's Setlist for His Manila Concert

Unfortunately, I am one of the unlucky few who weren't able to score tickets to Ed Sheeran's concert here in Manila.  Sucks big time but anyway, he's still young, and I'm sure he'll come back here in Manila for another concert.

Anyhow, here is his setlist for his Manila show:

  1. Encore:
  2. Sing 

Nelly Miricioui Brings Manila's Opera Fans to Their Feet

The fabulous diva (that's me!!) got to meet a world-renowned opera diva last night!! Romanian soprano Nelly Miricioui held a fantastic concert at the Meralco Theatre complete with operatic arias and selected songs from French and Romanian classical composers.
It was a very intimate concert and throughout the show she talked about the songs she was singing. Since most of them were not opera staples, she took time in giving a little background on the song before performing it.
She sang a few songs in French and since there was an English translation on a big screen, I carefully followed her singing, checking which part of the song she was doing basing it on the French translation of the English word. It was fun to do since I was also observing her "singing accent:.
She brought the appreciative audience to their feet when she sang the classic Tagalog songs "Sa Kabukiran" and "Mutya ng Pasig" and the Visayan song, "Ay, Kalisud"!!
After the show, she was very gracious and friendly and spent time meeting and talking with each of her fans. It's not everyday that an operatic diva graces the Manila concert scene and to meet someone as nice and classy as her, made last night quite a memorable experience!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

So happy for Jason Dy

I was lucky to see The Voice semifinals last week and I didn't realize that the show would wrap up that quickly!  However, it was great to see Jason Dy win the title since he was not only goodlooking, he also has a great chance of really making a career of it since he has, well, The Voice!  Buti na lang din that he was near my side of the stage so I had several pictures of him.

Setlist for Christina Perri's Concert Here in Manila on March 5

I am currently listening to Christina Perri's The Heart or the Head album and it's a gem!! First listen ko pa lang eto ha!  I will be listening to her other albums as well to prepare myself for her show here this Thursday.  She will actually perform all the songs in her current album except for two, so I should really better listen to it!  This is her most probable setlist for her show.  

  1. Arms 
  2. Run 
  3. Encore: