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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nick Jonas

It's great that Nick Jonas has decided to embark on a solo project away from his brothers. His buffed body pictures last year was certainly a great springboard for him to allow people to talk about his music as well (yeah, as if, that's the real reason why people google him!)

Anyway, he gets his very first top 10 hit in my personal countdown this week, as Jealous enters at #8.

Glen Campbell

It's but fitting that Glen Campbell, who'll turn 79 this April 22, gets his very first top 10 hit in my personal countdown this week.  Due to his nomination in this year's Oscar awards, I was able to listen to his song, I'm Not Missing You, which is from a documentary on his life Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me.  It's a very poignant song and if I were an Oscar voter, I would've voted for this song, for sentimental reasons!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Revisiting Anita Baker's 'My Everything' Album

I bought so many CDs the past decade and I haven't even listened to most of them.  You'd think I'd give Anita Baker's My Everything an immediate spin when I bought it in 2004, the year it was also released.  But no no, it languished in my CD rack and it was only this week, more than 11 years later, that I seriously gave it a spin.  

Anyway, I discovered three gems from this album which I will allow to compete with my other favorite songs for the week.  Those gems are In My Heart, Like You Used to Do and Men in My Life.  Anita sings them in the vintage way that she does and it's very lovely to hear!

My Five Most Favorite Tracks from Madonna's Rebel Heart Album

I admit I wasn't too excited when Madonna told all of us that she was releasing a new album.  This happened when six of her demo tracks were stolen and released to the public late last year.  I wasn't too excited as well with her new single Living for Love - even if she had to fall at the Brit awards and generate a lot of buzz because of it.  But anyway, she IS my most favorite artist of all, so like any loyal fan, off I went to Astrovision on March 13 to buy her latest album, Rebel Heart.

I was surprised that it had 19 songs and it cost so much at 950 pesos!  Anyway, I popped it into my Sony mp3 player and slowly, after playing it again and again, I came across several songs which I liked and hope she would perform in her Rebel Heart tour.

Also, she did experiment in this album, but she didn't go all the way.  I think you can hear that in the first 5-6 songs in the album.  They're all ok for me, they sound ok, but I still have to like them.

I only like one song in that segment of the album.  I guess, being an 80s fan of Madonna, I am still on the lookout for that vintage Madonna sound.

In her last MDNA album, I think only two songs went to #1 in my personal countdown, I'm A Sinner and I Fucked Up.  Let's see how her new songs would fare against the current musical sounds as I release my five most favorite songs from her latest album.

#1 Rebel Heart - Surprise, surprise!  My most favorite song from this album is the title track!  Doesn't she sound so refreshing here!  I can actually picture her doing this live! And I'm quite excited to see her perform this live!  It's such a cool track that you can snap your fingers along with it and sway side to side with all your friends and sing along as she says "Hell, yeah, this is where I want to be".

#2 Beautiful Scars - I only learned now that this wonderful song is not even in the 'original' album!! It's in the deluxe edition of the album, which is the one I bought!  Buti na lang!  This is the last song in the album, and it's my second most favorite track from this album.  "Take me, with all my beautiful scars, I love you the way that you are, I come to you with all my flaws, with all my beautiful scars"  I really hope she includes this song in her Rebel Heart tour!  I would love to sing this along with her!

#3 Ghosttown - This is probably the most "saleable" of all the songs in her latest album.  I haven't heard a good Madonna album in years, and this one should hopefully chart - and reintroduce Madonna to this new generation of 1D and Taylor Swift fans.

#4 Joan of Arc - Another song that seems like a ballad and then speeds up and becomes an upbeat song.  I love it when she sings "I'm not Joan of Arc, not yet. I'm only human."

#5 Bitch I'm Madonna - I don't think she'd ever release this song, but I like the way she slams the words and says, "Bitch, I'm Madonna!"  And that horny sound in the middle - is that a trumpet?  Sounds like it came from a Jason Derulo song! But it works nevertheless!