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Friday, October 28, 2011

Concert Review: Owl City Continues to Enthrall Pinoy Fans

This was probably the concert where I arrived the most late! I never thought they'd start on time that's why I still decided to attend my French class before coming to the venue, which was just 15 minutes from the school anyway.

The bad thing was that there was no more parking at the Fort and I had to wait a good 30 more minutes before I got a free parking slot! Where's the driver when you need him?!!

Anyway, my friend Marez also arrived late and we arrived at the same time, just three songs shy before Adam did 'Fireflies'! Well, I love the venue, although we were standing! It was cozy and Adam was not so far away! The pictures don't actually do justice since he was actually near us, even if I decided to just get the 'cheap' tickets for this one.

I loved the show and I knew Adam's setlist already and I think he stuck to it since the songs that I was waiting for were sung by him in the right sequence. I love the crowd and I'm so happy I video-ed "Fireflies" since the audience participation was pitch perfect! Adam reminds me of Mika - same geeky singer-songwriter with wonderful songs - and they both dance the same way!!

They were so many young people in the crowd - sometimes I wonder if I should just stick to listening to 80s music - there were so many cute girls and guys - of course!!

I'm sure with the fantastic audience participation and love Adam got tonight, it wouldn't be farfetched if he would come back after he releases a new album. Adam is like David Archuleta - in a way- they're not really big superstars in the US - but I have observed that they have a very solid following here in the Philippines - and I'm sure that even after two concerts here, these two would still come back to perform soon.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Chart Performance: David Guetta

Here are David Guetta's Top 10 hits in the US -

2009 - Sexy Bitch (with Akon) (#5)
2010 - Club Can't Handle Me (with Flo Rida) (#9)
2011 - Without You (with Usher) (#4)
2012 - Turn Me On (with Nicki Minaj) (#4)
2012 - Titanium (with Sia) (#7)
He has seventeen top 10 hits in the UK. 

2006 - Love Don't Let Me Go Away (Walking Away) (vs. the Egg) (#3)
2007 - Love Is Gone (with Chris Willis) (#9)
2009 - When Love Takes Over (with Kelly Rowland) (#1)
2009 - Sexy Bitch (with Akon) (#1)
2010 - Gettin' Over You (with Chris Willis, Fergie, LMFAO) (#1)
2010 - Commander (with Kelly Rowland) (#9)
2010 - Club Can't Handle Me (with Flo Rida) (#1)
2010 - Who's That Chick (with Rihanna) (#6)
2011 - Sweat (with Snoop Dogg) (#4)
2011 - Where Them Girls At (with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj) (#3)
2011 - Little Bad Girl (with Taio Cruz and Ludacris) (#4)
2011 - Without You (with Usher) (#6)
2012 - Titanium (with Sia) (#1) 
2012 - Turn Me On (with Nicki Minaj) (#10) 
2012 - Laserlight (with Jessie J) (#5) 
2012 - She Wolf (with Sia) (#8)
2013 - Play Hard (with Ne-yo and Akon) (#9)

He has two top ten albums in the UK.

2009 - One Love (#2)
2011 - Nothing But the Beat (#2)

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lovers of Metal Music Will Love 'Back For More

This is the first time I've heard of the band, Five Finger Death Punch and this is the first song I've heard from the band. It's really standard metal music - driving guitars, spooky deep vocals, a shouted chorus - what's not to like?!

Chart Performance: Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch, an American thrash metal band gets their second consecutive US Top 10 album this week, as American Capitalist debuts at #3.  In 2009, their second album, War Is The Answer, peaked at #7.

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