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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Concert Review: Katy Perry, November 14, 2009; MOA

I was not an instant Katy Perry fan. I actually did not even like her first hit, "I Kissed A Girl". Tell a gay man that and he would say "Bwehhh!!" However, like many others, I was instantly hooked to "Hot 'N Cold", and her fourth released single, "Waking Up In Vegas". When word got around that she'd be in Manila to perform, I decided to get a copy of her CD and what it contained surprised me immensely! It was full of songs of heartache and break-ups and falling in love with the wrong sort of guy - a gay man in a woman's body!! No surprise thatthere were a lot of young gay men in the audience - around high school age. By the way, that pic above is with one of the FABE models, Abby, who nicely took the place of my brother Vic, whose heart was not really into watching the show.

The show was more than I expected! I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!! Katy was so irreverent, playful, and coy, all the same time!!! The place was full, the weather cooperated, there was a balmy breeze as MOA is very near the sea! Of course, the only dyahe thing was that there were no chairs. Anyhow, who needed chairs???

There were two very talented front acts - Jed Madela and Arnel Pineda. This was the first time I heard Jed Madela sing and he is quite a revelation! I would be interested to see this guy live!! - in his own show!! As for Arnel, whom, I had seen a few months back with his band, Journey, was as energetic as ever and I only realized now how high his voice is, as I couldn't sing along with him properly, especially when he did a personal favorite of ours, "Don't Stop Believen" I just looooovvvvveeee that song!

She opened the show with "Fingerprints", which is one of my favorite songs from her CD. Then, her first major gimmick was to get someone from the audience to help her in her hit "Hot N Cold". She chose a young guy, obviously gay, whom she asked to jump while she was doing the song. The guy, who said he was from the Ateneo, gamely jumped throughout the song and was rewarded by a quick kiss from Katy!! Lucky devil!!

Katy also sang one of my favorite 80s songs - "Your Love" by the Outfield, which she retitled as "Use Your Love". This was just one of the songs that I shamelessly sang along with her, maybe much to the consternation of the guys in front of me. Sorry dudes, I just know the lyrics, so fuck off!

Katy had so many gimmicks that night - a giant inflateable cat called Kitty Purry! - huge strawberries which she threw also to the audience, and the coup de grace would be the big cherry chapstick which she carried almost to our part of the audience. That was the cherry chapstick she was weating too