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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rihanna's Album Chart Performance

In the US, Rihanna's new album Unapologetic, debuted at #1, making it her very first #1 album in the US.  It's also her seventh  top 10 album in the US.  Below are her Top 10 albums in the US -

2005 - Music of the Sun (#10)
2006 - A Girl Like Me (#5)
2007 - Good Girl Gone Bad (#2)
2009 - Rated R (#4)
2010 - Loud (#3)
2011 - Talk That Talk (#3)
2012 - Unapologetic (#1)
Rihanna's album, Talk That Talk went to #1 in the UK, becoming her third #1 album.  This week it returns to the top 10 at #8.  Below are her Top 10 albums in the UK -
2006 - A Girl Like Me (#5)
2007 - Good Girl Gone Bad (#1)
2009 - Rated R (#9)
2010 - Loud (#1)
2011 - Talk That Talk (#1)
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Concert Review: Pitbull's Concert A Veritable Dance Party!!

In possibly the shortest concert I attended this year (just about an hour!), Pitbull entertained the party people of Manila with all his hits in both Spanish or English. We were greeted by a DJ playing today's latest hits so the crowd was already revved up to party early on! And just one cursory glance at the audience, you can immediately see that these are the people who really frequent the dance clubs of Manila - from Republiq to the Fort to Morato - they were shameless when they danced!

It was a good thing I was already taking pictures early on in the show because it really flew quickly! I guess since Pitbull has to do rapid fire rapping in all his songs, he was already very tired - and you can glean it from his raspy voice everytime he did a spiel! I guess that's why the show had to finish quickly. But no complaints from my side since he virtually did all his hits - from the earliest ones like Culo and Shake - up to his latest one - Give Me Everything, which was his encore song!

Well, I pity the ladies who wore heels tonight since it was nonstop dancing for an hour. There was a lot of dancing and jumping and screaming and shaking the booties! Pitbull's stamina was incredible since he barely paused between songs! Basta kanta lang ng kanta ang lola! Of course, he was in his trademark assassin look and he wore shades all night long - never took it off! And by the way, the guy can salsa and samba and shake his own culo!! Oh well, he's Latino after all - so no surprise there!

Chart Performance: Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera gets her sixth top 10 album in the US this week, as Lotus debuts at #7.

1999 - Christina Aguilera (#1)
2002 - Stripped (#2)
2006 - Back to Basics (#1)
2008 - Keeps Gettin' Better: A Decade of Hits (#9)
2010 - Bionic (#10)
2012 - Lotus (#7)

After having a Top 10 hit for eight consecutive years in the UK, Christina Aguilera's steam train cooled a bit.  However, with a little help from Maroon 5, she almost returns to the top of the UK charts with Moves Like Jagger, their collaboration, which peaked at #2.  It's her fifteenth Top 10 hit in the UK, which includes four #1 songs.

1999 - Genie In A Bottle (#1)
1999 - What A Girl Wants (#3)
2000 - Come On Over Baby (#8)
2000 - Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (with Ricky Martin) (#4)
2001 - Lady Marmalade (with Lil' Kim, Mya and Pink) (#1)
2002 - Dirrty (with Redman) (#1)
2002 - Beautiful (#1)
2003 - Fighter (#3)
2003 - Can't Hold Us Down (with Lil Kim) (#6)
2003 - The Voice Within (#9)
2004 - Car Wash (with Missy Elliott) (#4)
2005 - Tilt Ya Head Back (with Nelly) (#5)
2006 - Ain't No Other Man (#2)
2006 - Tell Me (with Diddy) (#8)
2011 - Moves Like Jagger (with Maroon 5) (#2)

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Chart Performance: Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson's debut album, Heaven, returns to the UK top 10 this week at #5.  It has peaked at #3.
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Curious to Hear Jaya's Latest Opus

In the local OPM scene, Jaya is the one that most approximates the sound of Anita Baker, one of the chanteuses that I love the most.  That's why when I learned that she just released a new album, I felt excited, in a way, expecting that she could come out with really good renditions of R&B soul music.  Well, I do hope she also sings original songs here since that's what I really want to hear.  Anyhow, it says that she's covering Tina Turner's 'Let's Stay Together'.  Now, that I want to hear!

Letter Day Story Backpedals on 'Save Me'

I have actually met the band and seen them perform live, and Letter Day Story, or LDS as they want to be called now, plays hard driving rock, so I was very surprised with their latest release, Save Me.  It's a very good song but what surprises me is that it has all the elements of pop-rock, which in a way, should allow the band to reach more fans.   I heard that they just released an EP so I'm quite curious as to how the other songs from that album sounds!

Blue Boy Bites Back Bites Into the Charts

There isn't much information about Blue Boy Bites Back in the Internet so I will just be relying mainly on what I hear - especially that their song, 'As You Inhale', is making some headway in the local music charts.  Well, they definitely have an angry and driving rock sound, and the lead singer is just as passionate with how he expresses his sentiments as the way the band plays their rockin' sound!

Ginoong Vitalis Moves From Band Contests to the Charts

It is not unusual for local bands these days to use the competition route to get that much-wanted record contract.  The same thing happened to Ginoong Vitalis, who says, in their resume, that they have been joining competitions since 2002!  Wow!  That's almost a decade-ful of experience in beating other bands!  Not a bad way to finetune one's sound, if I may say so.

They have a hit out right now, entitled Pilit, and it introduces them to a much wider fan base.

Now A Fan of Solenn Heusaff's Music

I haven't really followed Solenn Heusaff's career but I am familiar with her songs since I follow the OPM Myx Countdown.  Well, surprise, surprise, her latest single, It's Our First Time, is now my favorite song this week and it's at my #1 spot for my personal Top 10.  Frankly, her first single, Fire was also a guilty pleasure of mine. 

Anyhow, I do hope she does some live shows so I can get to see her sing live!  Now, I'm thinking of getting a copy of her CD!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Chart Performance: Coldplay

Here are Coldplay's Top 10 hits in the UK -

2000 - Yellow (#4)
2000 - Trouble (#10)
2002 - In My Place (#2)
2002 - The Scientist (#10)
2003 - Clocks (#9)
2005 - Speed of Sound (#2)
2005 - Fix You (#4)
2005 - Talk (#10)
2008 - Violet Hill (#8)
2008 - Viva La Vida (#1)
2011 - Paradise (#1)
2012 - Princess of China (with Rihanna) (#4)

Below are their Top 10 albums in the US -

2005 - X&Y (#1)
2011 - Mylo Xyloto (#1)

This week, their album, Mylo Xyloto, moves back to the UK top 10 at #4.  It has peaked at #1.  Below are their Top 10 albums in the UK -

2000 - Parachutes (#1) 
2002 - A Rush of Blood to the Head (#1)
2005 - X&Y (#1)
2008 - Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends (#1)
2011 - Mylo Xyloto (#1)

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Susan Boyle's New Album: Someone to Watch Over Me

Susan Boyle continues her Top 10 album streak as her third studio album, Someone to Watch Over Me, peaked at #4, and becomes her third Top 10 album in the US.  Both The Gift and I Dreamed A Dream went to #1.

Andrea Bocelli's Live Album: Concerto - One Night in Central Park

Because he's a classical singer, it's surprising to find out that six of Andrea Bocelli's albums went to the US Top 10!  Impressive, since it shows the broad appeal of Andrea in the US.  His album Concerto: One Night in Central Park, peaked at #4 and this week, dips from #6 to #8.   

Below are his Top 10 albums in the US -

1999 - Sogno (#4)
2006 - Amore (#3)
2007 - The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere (#9)
2008 - Incanto (#8)
2009 - My Christmas (#2)
2011 - Concerto: One Night in Central Park (#4)

Michael Buble's Christmas Album - This One I'm Definitely Buying!

This is the Christmas album that I'm definitely getting this season!  I'm actually looking forward to hearing his wonderful voice waft through the air during Christmas Eve and the days that follow after! 

Michael Buble's Christmas album becomes his fifth US Top 10 album.  This week it stays at #1, making it his third #1 album in the US.  Below are his Top 10 albums in the US -

2005 - It's Time (#5)
2007 - Call Me Irresponsible (#1)
2009 - Crazy Love (#1)
2010 - Hollywood: The Deluxe EP (#10)
2011 - Christmas (#1)

In the UK, the same album also went to #1.  This week, it moves back up to #1.  Below are the chart positions of the same five albums - all of whom went to the Top 10 also -

2003 - Michael Buble (#6)
2005 - It's Time (#4)
2007 - Call Me Irresponsible (#2)
2009 - Crazy Love (#1)

2011 - Christmas (#1)

Chart Performance: Katy Perry

Katy Perry has 13 top 10 hits in the US, including eight #1 songs. Here are her top 10 hits in the US -

2008 - I Kissed A Girl (#1)

2008 - Hot 'N Cold (#3)

2009 - Waking Up In Vegas (#9)

2010 - California Gurls (with Snoop Dogg) (#1)

2010 - Teenage Dream (#1)

2011 - Firework (#1)

2011 - E.T. (with Kanye West) (#1)

2011 - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) (#1)

2011 - The One Who Got Away (#3)
2012 - Part of Me (#1)
2012 - Wide Awake (#2)
2013 - Roar (#1)
2013 - Dark Horse (#1)

The same song moves one notch from #10 to #9 this week, making it her eleventh UK top 10 hit.  Here are her Top 10 hits in the UK -

2008 - I Kissed A Girl (#1)
2008 - Hot 'N Cold (#4)
2009 - Starstrukk (#3) (with 3OH!3)
2009 - If We Ever Meet Again (#3) (with Timbaland)
2010 - California Gurls (#1) (with Snoop Dogg)
2010 - Teenage Dream (#2)
2010 - Firework (#3)
2011 - ET (with Kanye West) (#3)
2011 - Last Friday Night (#9)
2012 - Part of Me (#1)
2012 - Wide Awake (9)

Her album, Teenage Dream is a former #1 album.  This week, it slips from #2 to #9. 
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Chart Performance: Adam Levine

Adam Levine has four Top 10 hits in the US as lead singer for the Grammy-winning band, Maroon 5.  He adds another Top 10 hit to that list, as his other hit, Stereo Hits, his collaboration with Gym Class Heroes peaked at #4.  This week, the song moves back up to #7.

In the UK, he gets his second top 10 hit this week as featured artist in 50 Cent's hit My Life, which is now at #2.

From time to time, Adam is a featured artist for performers like Kanye West, Natasha Bedingfield and K'Naan
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Chart Performance: Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has ten top ten hits in the US.  Five of them have gone to #1.

2010 - Nothin' On You (with B.o.B.) (#1)
2010 - Billionaire (with Travie McCoy) (#4)
2010 - Grenade (#1)
2011 - The Lazy Song (#4)
2011 - Lighters (with Bad Meets Evil) (#4)
2011 - Young, Wild and Free (with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa) (#8)
2011 - It Will Rain (#3)
2012 - Locked Out in Heaven (#1) 
2013 - When I Was Your Man (#1)

He has seven top 10 hits in the UK.

2010 - Nothin' On You (with B.o.B.) (#1)
2010 - Billionaire (with Travie McCoy) (#3)
2010 - Just the Way You Are (#1) 
2011 - Grenade (#1)
2011 - The Lazy Song (#2)
2012 - Locked Out in Heaven (#2) 
2013 - When I Was Your Man (#2)

His first album, Doo Wops and Hooligans, went to #1 in the UK and #3 in the US.  His follow-up Unorthodox Jukebox, also went to #1 in the UK and peaked at #2 in the US. This week, it slips to #8.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Keith Urban's Long Hot Summer

Keith Urban is one of my favorite country male singers and once in a while he comes up with a feel-good song. This one is one of them!

The Original 'I Won't Last A Day Without You'

Because of our penchant to ape a Hollywood original, I decided to post probably the more popular version of "I Won't Last A Day Without You" - the one sang by Karen Carpenter. Just listening to this version gives me goosebumps! It's fantastic how pure and raw and emotional she sounded - just a voice nonpareil! Sarah Geronimo released a more bouncy and youthful version, which actually fits her image and sound better.

Sarah Geronimo Channels Karen Carpenter

My Filipino teacher in Grade 4 was a huge Carpenters fan.  She would often strum her guitar and sing Karen Carpenter's songs before classes started.  I don't know how she would react though to Sarah Geronimo's pop-ified version of that Carpenters' classic.

Anyhow, all eyes are on Sarah nowadays, as everyone is hoping she'd make it three hits in a row for Star Cinema and Viva Films for the movie with the same title as that Carpenters' classic.  I did ask a friend if he thinks that Sarah-Gerald movie would be a hit, despite the presence of Edward and Bella and the adorable penguins, and he said yes, pronto, sans hesitation!  I guess Sarah has enough fans to fill all the cinemas!  Good luck to her and to Star Cinema and Viva Films then!

Kamikazee's Gives Everyone a 'Halik'

Just like Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikazee is one of those OPM bands who were already big stars in their own right, before I finally decided to give OPM a listen.  I loved their sleeper hit, 'Alay' last year, and again, this year, they return with the same romantic mood, in 'Halik', another song which is slowly becoming one of my favorites.  Despite their hard rock creds, these guys can come out with romantic mush that rocks!
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Pretty Boy Singer: Sam Concepcion

Now that Sam Concepcion is now making a transition from being a teenybopper to a young man, I have come to give him a second look.  I did not watch Peter Pan though since I've seen enough versions of it already, but I agree that he was perfect for that role.  So it was no surprise that his management released Forever Young, a former #1 song in the OPM Myx Countdown, a song which coincided perfectly with his Peter Pan role.  I can't wait to see him get older because he does look sexier now that he's slowly shedding that boy-next-door look!

Lovin' the Original Songs of Christian Bautista

Finally, someone in that station has finally decided to give Christian Bautista the sound he truly deserves.  After coming out with an album of songs written by eminent Pinoy composer, Jose Mari Chan, he has come out with new material, which further strengthens his pop credentials - meaning, he can really interpret a song and make it his own.  I Am Already King is a wonderful example of it, and his follow up, All That's Left, is just as strong.  It puts him in my list as one of the pre-eminent pop chanteurs in the country right now.
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Parokya ni Edgar Delivers Another Hit, This time with Gloc-9

It was only last year that I really lent an ear to OPM music so I practically missed most of the career of Parokya ni Edgar, one of the rare local bands who gets advertising deals from such big brands like Mitsubishi.  When I saw them in that ad, I knew that then how big they were in the local music scene, even if I was not familiar with their discography.

They did release a song last year which promptly went to #1 but it was only their duet with Happy Sy where the band finally made a breakthrough to me!  It is definitely one of my biggest favorite songs this year. However, I still have to familiarize myself with their follow up song, One Hit Combo with Gloc 9. Nevertheless, it's already a hit in the OPM Myx Countdown, reaching as high as #2, for now.