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Monday, November 29, 2010

Chart Performance: Westlife

Westlife gets their twelfth Top 10 album in the UK, as their second greatest hits set, debuts at #4.  This week, the album returns to the Top 10 at #9. The band also has seven #1 albums.  Below are their Top 10 albums in the UK -

1999 - Westlife (#2)
2000 - Coast to Coast (#1)
2001 - World of Our Own (#1)
2002 - Unbreakable: Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (#1)
2003 - Turnaround (#1)
2004 - Allow Us to be Frank (#3)
2005 - Face to Face (#1)
2006 - The Love Album (#1)
2007 - Back Home (#1)
2009 - Where We Are (#2)
2010 - Gravity (#3)
2011 - Greatest Hits (#4)

Westlife gets their twenty-fifth top 10 hit in the UK, as Safe, debuts at #10.  This song also extends the band's streak of UK top 10 hits to an impressive twelve consecutive years!  The boy band has had a UK top 10 hit every year, since 1999!  Below are their Top 10 hits in the UK -

1999 - Swear It Again (#1)
1999 - If I Let You Go (#1)
1999 - Flying Without Wings (#1)
1999 - I Have A Dream / Seasons of the Sun (#1)
2000 - Fool Again (#1)
2000 - Against All Odds (with Mariah Carey) (#1)
2000 - My Love (#1)
2000 - What Makes A Man (#2)
2001 - Uptown Girl (#1)
2001 - Queen of My Heart (#1)
2002 - World Of Our Own (#1)
2002 - Bop Bop Baby (#5)
2002 - Unbreakable (#1)
2003 - Tonight / Miss You Nights (#3)
2003 - Hey Whatever (#4)
2003 - Mandy (#1)
2004 - Obvious (#3)
2005 - You Raise Me Up (#1)
2005 - When You Tell Me That You Love Me (with Diana Ross) (#2)
2006 - Amazing (#4)
2006 - The Rose (#1)
2007 - Home (#3)
2008 - Us Against the World (#8)
2009 - What About Now (#2)
2010 - Safe (#10)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Album Review: Cueshe's Life

'Pangako' was the song that introduced me to the group and because of that, I decided to get hold of the band's CD, Life.  The album has a very good collection of songs and it's actually rare for me to like most of the songs of an album, but Life has good songs from beginning till the last track.  However, if I were to choose the five songs to release from this album, I would choose the following (Pangako was already released so, I will choose five not-yet-released songs from this album) -

1.  Damage -  I don't know why but after repeated playing of this album, this was the song that I was singing along with!  Don't know if it's the LSS or the catchy chorus that goes "Find your way back home, find your way! / Coz I'll be here for you, I'm here for you".  So I think this should be their next release.

2.  Lupit - this is a beautiful power ballad which should nicely follow their first two fast rock releases.  I like the way they blend their voices in the chorus.

3.  Tara Na - another ballad to follow up another ballad.  Why not?  This is another cool ballad from the band and it showcases their guitar skills and powerful vocals.

4.  Sana - vintage rockin' Cueshe, a good follow up after a power ballad

5.  Sweet Surrender -  I was thinking of choosing the most out of place song in this album and this is the one I can think off.  I think it's the hard-driving guitars. Anyhow, I feel the last single released from an album should be the most off kilter one so that the fans or newfound fans can be excited again by the next release. 

It was really difficult to choose those five since really, all the songs in this album are very good!  Shows you how talented this guys are.  They definitely don't do fillers!
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Remembering Shanks & Bigfoot - Sweet Like Chocolate

I have a huge CD collection so when I randomly picked my "Old CD for the Week", I got this Shanks & Bigfoot CD 'Swings & Roundabouts'. I don't remember playing it much before and I was very surprised that it's a great album. I really enjoyed listening to it. They have so many good songs in this CD.

The first song 'Sing-A-Long' is very cute, and should've been the perfect follow-up to their hit Sweet Like Chocolate. Then, after that, they could've released the luscious 'King of Winter' where I think their vocals sound really good. It will also show to their fans that they can also do slow songs really well. Then, 'Like You' would also have been a perfect release, since it's a sexy and sassy ballad! Finally, 'Step To My Beat' would be a good fifth single, since it's perky and so 80's!

Anyway, I really enjoyed listening to this CD, I have uploaded it to my Ipod and play it when I work out in the gym!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Who Can't Forget Kid Rock's Catchy Bawitdaba!

It was in 1999 and the new century was beckoning us then, and who comes out from the musical horizon? Kid Rock - with his very catchy rock song Bawitdaba! I remember him performing this at the Grammys and his performance was quite memorable. I think he even got a Best New Artist nomination that year! Anyway, the 90s had some very good songs, and this "nonsense" song was one of them!

Chart Performance: Keith Urban

Keith Urban gets his fourth Top 10 album this week, as Get Closer, debuts at #7.  Below are his top 10 albums in the US -

2004 - Be Here (#3)
2006 - Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing (#3)
2009 - Defying Gravity (#1)
2010 - Get Closer (#7)

Chart Performance: Rascal Flatts

The country group Rascal Flatts' eighth Top 10 album, Changed, slips to #8 this week after debuting at #3 last week.  Below are their other top 10 albums in the US -

2002 - Melt (#5)
2004 - Feels Like Today (#1)
2006 - Me and My Gang (#1)
2007 - Still Feels Good (#1)
2008 - Greatest Hits Volume 1 (#6)
2009 - Unstoppable (#1)
2010 - Nothing Like This (#6)
2012 - Changed (#3)
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My New Favorite Song This Week - Alistair Griffin's - Just Drive

Such a beautiful song and Alistair's voice here is so nice! I can't believe he isn't coming out with new material! Anyhow, in this digital world, I think it's better to just come out with singles first and then see how they do as downloads. Among the new songs I've heard this week, this is my most favorite!

Jackie Evancho - A Child Musical Prodigy if there was one!

I just checked the US album charts this week and the number 2 album came from this girl, Jackie Evancho. She was a complete unknown to me since I don't watch that talent show. However, I do watch opera but I am not an expert on that matter and this girl has that wonderful operatic voice that, if you don't look at her, you'd think it was an adult singing! I am also not an expert on child prodigies, but I think this wonderful girl falls into that category! A child prodigy in terms of her operatic voice! And all of us around the world are blessed to discover her talent and allow her to share that to the world. It would be fantastic what she could do with that voice as she matures and gets older. Should we opera fanatics be holding our breath?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Toni Gonzaga Continues Her Quirky Acting Streak in My Amnesia Girl

It's not unusual, even in local showbiz, to have actors have careers as singers also, and Toni Gonzaga is one of those able to balance both.  However, I think she is more famous as a comedienne and a talk show host, but for me, I discovered her as a singer first, especially this year, after she released her album, which contained the hits, All Me and Can't Help Myself.

As for the movie, Toni doesn't disappoint.  She's funny and irreverent and plays her amnesiac role to the hilt, in the hope of getting rid of the pain and allowing John Lloyd's character back into her life. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

UK Singles Charts Trivia

Well, this week, I am going to start a column where I am going to talk about some chart trivia based on the week's chart and build on it as I go.

Number of Top 10 hits

Westlife 25
Take That 19
Usher 15
Rihanna 14
Black Eyed Peas 12

Chart Span - Top 10 Singles

1.  Take That 19 years
2.  Westlife 12 years

Number of Top 10 Albums

Rod Stewart 30
Cliff Richards 25
Eric Clapton 24
Bruce Springsteen 16
Bon Jovi 13
Neil Diamond 12
Robbie Williams - 11
Take That - 9
Pink - 6

Chart Span - Top 10 Albums

Cliff Richards - 51 years
Eric Clapton - 44 years
Rod Stewart - 40 years
Neil Diamond - 39 years
Bruce Springsteen - 31 years
Phil Collins - 30 years
Bon Jovi - 25 years
Take That - 19 years
Robbie Williams - 15 years

Janet Jackson in Why Did I Get Married

This is the first time I've seen Janet Jackson act - and I think she did well in it! She was very confident and believable, and even in her scenes where she had to cry, I think she acquitted herself well.  I actually liked the movie and really cared for the characters in it.  It's rare to see a drama in Hollywood where all the characters are African-American.  I failed to see this movie in its theatrical run here, but I enjoyed watching it on cable tonight.  Tyler Perry is smart enough to produce films for the African-American audience.  At least those not familiar with their world can have a glimpse on them.

Remembering Alistair Griffin

I was in Europe summer of 2003, so I was able to follow this show called Fame Academy. Among all the contestants in that reality show, it was Alistair Griffin whom I recall well. I don't remember voting for him but I was rooting for him to win. I don't think he did but he did make it to the three finalists. This song, Bring It On, was his first hit, and I eventually bought his CD while I was in London. He's back in the UK charts but just barely in the Top 40.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Favorite Pink Song - Just Like A Pill

Pink just released her greatest hits collection and she has several hits that I like, but this is the one I like the most - Just Like A Pill. Pink's image and music has always been feisty, and this song celebrates her feistiness! I love singing along to this song and I like the message! Pink's music has since evolved but her spunk has stayed.

Chart Performance: Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole's fourth #1 song in the UK, Call My Name, slips to #10 this week. It's also her 7th UK top 10 hit.  Below are her top 10 songs in the UK -

2008 - Heartbreaker (with (#4)
2009 - Fight For This Love (#1)
2009 - 3 Words (with (#4)
2010 - Everybody Hurts (as Helping Haiti) (#1)
2010 - Parachute (#5)
2010 - Promise This (#1)
2012 - Call My Name (#1) 

Cheryl Cole gets her third top 10 album in the UK this week, as A Million Things debuts at #2.  

2009 - 3 Words (#1)
2010 - Messy Little Raindrops (#1)
2012 - A Million Things (#2) 
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My Favorite Susan Boyle Moment

Her meteoric rise to fame and her standout voice has captivated the imagination of millions around the world, which has translated to millions of copies sold all over the world for her first album.

I admit, I wasn't much of a fan in the beginning. Yes, her story is inspiring, but for people like me, it's still the music that should tell the story of any artist. So, it took this song for me to become one of her believers. The first time I heard her sing this song, I got goosebumps! I've never heard this song interpreted this way, EVER! Her version is just stunningly beautiful! Even her live version is stunning! This song was one of the most played songs in my Ipod last year, and one of my top 20 favorite downloads from last year.

My Favorite Song From the Sexy Hunk Shayne Ward

I discovered Shayne Ward when he was in the cover of the gay rag Attitude and found out how good a singer he was. This song eventually became one of my favorites because of its smooth chorus and Shayne's sexy voice. It helps a lot that he has those beautiful eyes and that sexy body to match! He returns to the UK charts this week but his new song just missed the top 10.

We All Have Our Mandy's - Westlife and Barry Manilow

I was still a kid when this song became very popular in the late 70s. Of course, then, at the tender age of 4, I didn't yet realize what the song meant. Fast forward 24 years later, the song finally touched me since I met my own Mandy, whom I also sent away.

I was not surprised that Westlife remade this as ballads have often been their forte and bread and butter, so why not go with a classic like this. The song went to #1 in the UK, also, not a surprise. They made some slight changes in the latter part of the song, which was ok.

Below is the original version of Barry Manilow, which is hauntingly beautiful and sad!

Remembering that Cheeky Westlife Live Performance of Don't Cha!

I saw their live performance of the Pussycat Dolls' Don't Cha, when they did a concert in Hong Kong in 2007 and I remember that my friend, Wil and I were very amused by this performance. However, I only found one video of this song in Youtube for their HK performance so I decided to post their performance of this song in Wembley - same choreography, same cheeky moves! Wil and I would swoon along with audience everytime the boys would gyrate and move their hips that way! It was a very sexy performance which really made our night! Very memorable up to this day!

Chart Performance: McFly

After being away from the UK top 10 for two years, McFly returns to the countdown at #10 with Love Is Easy, their eighteenth top 10 hit in the UK charts.  Below are their Top 10 hits in the UK

2004 - 5 Colours In Her Hair (#1)
2004 - Obviously (#1)
2004 - That Girl (#3)
2004 - Room On the 3rd Floor (#5)
2005 - All About You / You've Got A Friend (#1)
2005 - I'll Be Ok (#1)
2005 - I Wanna Hold You (#3)
2005 - Ultraviolet / The Ballad of Paul K (#9)
2006 - Don't Stop Me Now / Please, Please (#1)
2006 - Star Girl (#1)
2006 - Sorry's Not Good Enough / Friday Night (#3)
2007 - Baby's Coming Back / Transylvania (#1)
2007 - The Heart Never Lies (#3)
2008 - One For the Radio (#2)
2008 - Lies (#4)
2010 - Party Girl (#6)
2010 - Shine A Light (with Taio Cruz) (#4)
2012 - Love Is Easy (#10)

My Favorite Take That Song - Never Forget

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The year that this song came out was also the year I graduated from college, a tumultuous year in my life where I looked for my first job, got my first job and had an exciting end of the year in Mindanao. At that time, I wasn't following the charts very closely since I was so busy in school and at work. It was only later that I got to appreciate the beauty of this song - and it soon became a fan favorite in all their tours. It still hasn't lost its hold of me 15 years later and the lyrics still reverberate after all these years!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mariah Carey: Sixteen Top 10 Albums in the US

Mariah Carey's sixteenth Top 10 album in the US, Merry Christmas II You, peaks at #4.  This is her second Christmas-themed top 10 album, sixteen years after she released the first one.  Below are her Top 10 albums in the US.

1990 - Mariah Carey (#1)
1991 - Emotions (#4)
1992 - MTV Unplugged (#3)
1993 - Music Box (#1)
1994 - Merry Christmas (#3)
1995 - Daydream (#1)
1997 - Butterfly (#1)
1998 - #1's (#4)
1999 - Rainbow (#2)
2001 - Glitter (#7)
2003 - Charmbracelet (#3)
2005 - The Emancipation of Mimi (#1)
2008 - E=MC2 (#1)
2008 - The Ballads (#10)
2009 - Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel (#3)
2010 - Merry Christmas II You (#4)

Chart Performance: Sugarland

Sugarland's fourth Top 10 album in the US, 'The Incredible Machine', slips from #3 to #8 this week.  This is also their third #1 album in the US.  Below are the bands Top 10 albums in the US -

2006 - Enjoy the Ride (#4)
2008 - Love On the Inside (#1)
2009 - Live On the Inside (#1)
2010 - The Incredible Machine (#1)

Chart Performance: Reba

Reba collects her eighth Top 10 album in the US, as All the Women I Am, debuts at #7.  Below are her other Top 10 albums in the US, 

1992 - It's Your Call (#8)
1993 - Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (#5)
1994 - Read My Mind (#2)
1995 - Starting Over (#5)
1998 - If You See Him (#8)
2007 - Reba: Duets (#1)
2009 - Keep On Loving You (#1)
2010 - All the Women I Am (#7)

Chart Performance: Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi gets his second top 10 album in the US, as Man On the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager, debuts at #3.  Last year, his album, Man On the Moon: The End of Day, peaked at #4. 

The End of NU107 Is Just A Sign of the Times

The demise of NU107, one of the most iconic radio stations in Metro Manila, is just a sign that the times, 'they are a-changing', as sang by the bard Bob Dylan.  That and the end also of MTV Philippines earlier this year, shows that radio's reach in influencing the music tastes of its listeners may have waned a bit.

I have actually stopped listening to the radio in 1998, when I discovered the Internet.  Why listen to the radio, when I could get my new music straight from the sources like the Billboard website. Of course, as the years wore on, one could get new music from places like Myspace or I could stream whole albums in Amazon and for a time, I was addicted to Yahoo music, which transmitted music according to genre.  I had my dose of showtunes and country music and anything I wanted under the sun.  So I was surprised that some people were still listening to radio!

I did tune back to radio in 2008 when I had to negotiate the long drive from Quezon City to Makati for my French classes, and I was shocked to find that morning radio is now dominated by DJ Mo and his kind!  Talk radio was and still is, a big hit here!  Where was the music?  Well, except for a few stations, everyone was blabbering and it was kinda irritating.  So I played my CDs instead.

So I am not really surprised why NU107 had to fold.  I don't think the market for rock fans has diminished.  They are just getting their fill for rock music online or some other place - and not from radio anymore.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The CDs and DVD I Bought This Week - November 20, 2010

When I was in college, I'd usually buy one album a week - and I could afford that since I was a working student.  The habit got cut a few year's back when I learned how to download, but now, I've gotten back the habit, since I do want the physical copy, as opposed to just a download.  My Ipod has only little space so I still need the CD and anyhow, the DVD players now can play CDs so it's kind of an all-in-one thing.

This week, I shopped at Astrovision in Shangri-la Mall.  I browsed around for about an hour and I decided on Sugarfree (my OPM CD for this week) - on the strength of their Hangover song; Taylor Swift's Speak Now, because I love her Speak Now song so much, and I chanced upon a discounted DVD of the Oscar nominated movie - 'An Education', which I got for only 187.50 pesos or US$4.27!!

I will give the reviews of these albums this week as I will listen to them intently this week.

Just watch out for it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Album Review: Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster

I just got a copy of Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster and I regret I did not get it early enough when it came out.  It has only eight songs but I love them all!  In true Gaga fashion, they are catchy and unique in that Gaga way.  She really knows how to craft those choruses and where to put those rara's and rhyming those Alejandros.  My favorite song is Dance in the Dark, which she gets to mention Lady Diana, one of my favorite icons growing up.  Speechless is reminiscent of an Elton John song and she is strong here vocally.  Of course, the hits she has in this, Bad Romance, Telephone and Alejandro are all very strong singles, with very interesting videos to go with them.  I only started to like Alejandro now and it has that chorus which just sticks to your head!

I am curious as to where Lady Gaga is headed in her official sophomore effort.  Will she continue with this pop hit music streak?  And how crazy are her videos going to be?  We'll just have to wait and see!

So Happy That Natasha Bedingfield Has A New Song!

I discovered Natasha when I was browsing the CDs in HMV Singapore and she had this really catchy song - These Words. I bought her CD and enjoyed it so much! I immediately became a big fan. She then proceeded with Unwritten and several hits which caught up with teenage America. Anyway, she's back in the Top 100 with this song, Strip Me, and I do hope it reaches the Top 10 again. It sounds catchy enough.

Revisiting David Archuleta's Debut Album

David Archuleta's self-titled debut album was one of my favorite albums last year - a perfect pop concoction for a singer with a wonderful voice.  I saw him in concert with David Cook - and he has a crystal clear voice that goes very well with his cute features.

I have several favorite songs from this album, from the duet 'To Be With You' to 'My Hands', which became one of the most played songs in my Ipod last year.  This was one of those rare albums which I sang along with most of the time in the car while I was driving or in the gym when I was working out, listening to my Ipod.  Every song just segued well with each other.

I still have to buy his second album and I'm hoping to enjoy it just as well as the first one.

Concert Review: Gin Blossoms Sends Fans on a 90s Roadtrip

Being a chart geek that I am, it was impossible not to know the band Gin Blossoms since they did have a string of hits in the mid-90s, and although surprisingly, I don't have a single CD of the band, my knowledge of the band sprung from disparate songs where I don't even know from which albums they came from.

I was actually surprised that they came to the Philippines and I was even more surprised to see a sizeable crowd inside the Araneta Coliseum tonight! They have more fans than James Blunt and Jay Sean! Or maybe because their fans already have jobs now and can afford the price tickets, as opposed to Jay Sean, who may have a hit now at the local airwaves with 2012 but whose fans are teenyboppers who need Mom's approval for a ticket!

Unsurprisingly, the band sounds solid! From the beginning till their 3-song encore! It's actually obvious since if you browse Youtube, you'd see a lot of concert videos posted by their fans!

The local fans sang to many of their hits - I did most notably to 'Found Out About You', 'Allison Road', 'As Long As It Matters'. 'Hey Jealousy', and 'Until I Fall Away'. They did some songs from their latest CD, which does not veer far away from their trademark sound. Their three-song encore also shows how much they appreciated the crowd tonight. According to them, we were the friendliest crowd they ever had! Hmmm...well, knowing us, yeah, we really are!

I really enjoyed the show! Cha and I chose to stand up the whole time since I enjoy a show more if I'm dancing to the tunes, as opposed to be passively sitting. They did promise to come back, hoping the promoters would invite them again. Well, Boyzone and Dionne Warwick and Jojo and David Archuleta have been coming back here so I won't be surprised if they do.

Another Gin Blossom Song I'll Be Singing Along To Tonight - Found Out About You

This is another of the Gin Blossoms song that I'm looking forward tonight. It's interesting how they have so many live videos on Youtube but not so much of the videos of their songs. I don't remember them much on MTV though those days. I love the lyrics to this song. Talk about having your bubble burst.

One Gin Blossom Song I'll Be Singing Along To Tonight - As Long As It Matters

Gin Blossoms was one of those bands who had hit after hit in the mid-90s with their blend of pop-rock ballads like this one. This actually came from the movie Empire Records. This is one of the songs I'll be singing along to with them tonight at the Araneta Coliseum. This is one of my favorite songs from them.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chart Performance: Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart has seventeen top 10 albums in the US.

1971 - Every Picture Tells A Story (#1)
1972 - Never A Dull Moment (#2)
1975 - Atlantic Crossing (#9)
1976 - A Night On the Town (#2)
1977 - Foot Loose and Fancy Free (#2)
1978 - Blondes Have More Fun (#1)
1991 - Vagabond Heart (#10)
1993 - Unplugged and Seated (#3)
2002 - It Had To Be You: The Great American Songbook I (#4)
2003 - As Time Goes By: The Great American Songbook II (#2)
2004 - Stardust: The Great American Songbook III (#1)
2005 - Thanks For the Memory: The Great American Songbook IV (#4)
2006 - Still the Same (#1)
2007 - Soulbook (#4)
2010 - Fly Me to the Moon: The Great American Songbook V (#4)
2012 - Merry Christmas Baby (#3) 
2013 - Time (#7)
The same album becomes his thirty-first top 10 album in the UK, as it debuts at #2 this week.  Now, he has an impressive 42-year span between his first top 10 and his latest top 10 album!  Here are those albums -

1971 - Every Picture Tells A Story (#1)
1972 - Never A Dull Moment (#1)
1973 - Sing It Again Rod (#1)
1974 - Smiler (#1)
1974 - Coast to Coast: Overtures and Beginners (#3)
1975 - Atlantic Crossing (#1)
1976 - A Night On the Town (#1)
1977 - Foot Loose and Fancy Free (#3)
1978 - Blondes Have More Fun (#3)
1979 - Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (#1)
1980 - Foolish Behaviour (#4)
1981 - Tonight I'm Yours (#8)
1983 - Body Wishes (#5)
1984 - Camouflage (#8)
1986 - Every Beat of My Heart (#5)
1989 - The Best of Rod Stewart (#3)
1991 - Vagabond Heart (#2)
1993 - Unplugged and Seated (#2)
1993 - Lead Vocalist (#3)
1995 - Spanner In the Works (#4)
1996 - If We Fall In Love Tonight (#8)
1998 - When We Were the New Boys (#2)
2001 - Human (#9)
2001 - The Story So Far - The Very Best of Rod Stewart (#7)
2002 - It Had To Be You: The Great American Songbook (#8)
2003 - As Time Goes By: The Great American Songbook II (#4)
2004 - Stardust: The Great American Songbook III (#3)
2005 - Thanks For the Memory: The Great American Songbook IV (#3)
2006 - Still the Same (#4)
2007 - Soulbook (#9)
2010 - Fly Me to the Moon: The Great American Songbook V (#5)
2012 - Merry Christmas Baby (#2)

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Chart Performance: James Blunt

James Blunt gets his third Top 10 album in the UK, as Some Kind of Trouble, debuts at #4.  Below are his Top 10 albums in the UK -

2004 - Back to Bedlam (#1)
2007 - All the Lost Souls (#1)
2010 - Some Kind of Trouble (#4)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oscar Winner Christopher Walken Dances in a Fatboy Slim Video

This is probably one of the coolest videos I've seen in my lifetime. Everything here is understated. There are no hidden codes or messages, or artsy-fartsy choreography. You have some danceable beats formulated by Fatboy Slim, and you have this Oscar winner more known for macho brooding roles - and yet here - you see him dance suavely and gracefully - and even fly towards the end! And he's as dapper as an English gentleman and as fly as a G6! I dance myself and Walken's moves look effortless and manly too!

Before the Age of the Gaga, there was Björk - judge for yourself who's weirder...

Definitely one of my all-time favorite videos from one of the artists that could equal or even surpass the weirdness of Lady Gaga. However, thankfully, she never became mainstream, because I wouldn't want to share Bjork's music and talent with the parlorista next door or an 18 year old gay man who are all raving about the Gaga. Sadly, I missed her concert in HK the other year for which the Chinese government forever banned her to perform in Chinese soil. Yes, there were many weird singers before Lady Gaga, they just didn't do catchy pop songs. They stuck to their own vision and their own schtick! And the good thing is, this video is just the tip of the Björk iceberg. I could rattle of several songs and their videos which really shaped my own personal weirdness - from Joga to It's Oh So Quiet to Hyperballad to All Is Full Of Love! The list can go on and on.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Singles Chart Performance: Usher

Usher gets his fifth top 10 album in the UK this week, as Looking 4 Myself, debuts at #3.  Below are his top 10 albums in the UK -

2001 - 8701 (#1)
2004 - Confessions (#1)
2008 - Here I Stand (#1)
2010 - Raymond v Raymond (#2)
2012 - Looking 4 Myself (#3)

Usher's seventeenth UK top 10 hit, Scream, slips to #9 this week, after peaking at #5.  Below, are his Top 10 songs in the UK -

1997 - U Make Me Wanna (#1)
2001 - Pop Ya Collar (#2)
2001 - U Remind Me (#3)
2001 - U Got It Bad (#5)
2002 - U Don't Have To Call (#4)
2002 - I Need A Girl (with P. Diddy and Loon) (#4)
2004 - Yeah! (with Lil Jon and Ludacris) (#1)
2004 - Burn (#1)
2004 - Confessions Part II (#5)
2004 - My Boo (with Alicia Keys) (#5)
2004 - Lovers and Friends (#10) (with Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz and Ludacris)
2004 - Caught Up (#9)
2008 - Love In This Club (with Young Jeezy) (#4)
2010 - OMG (with (#1)
2010 - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love (with Pitbull) (#4)
2012 - Climax (#4)
2012 - Scream (#5)
The same song, his eighteenth Top 10 hit in the US, stays at #10 for another week.  Below is a list of Usher's top 10 songs in the US -

1997 - You Make Me Wanna (#2)
1998 - Nice and Slow (#1)
1998 - My Way (#2)
2001 - U Remind Me (#1)
2001 - U Got It Bad (#1)
2002 - I Need A Girl (#2) (with P. Diddy and Loon)
2004 - Yeah (with Ludacris and Lil Jon) (#1)
2004 - Burn (#1)
2004 - Confessions Part II (#1)
2004 - My Boo (with Alicia Keys) (#1)
2004 - Caught Up (#8)
2004 - Lovers and Friends (#3) (with Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz and Ludacris)
2008 - Love In This Club (with Young Jeezy) (#1)
2010 - OMG (with (#1)
2010 - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love (#4)
2011 - Without You (with David Guetta) (#4)
2012 - Scream (#10)
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Aljur Albrenica Hits Some Right Notes In His Self-Titled Debut Album

My friend, Charina, couldn't believe I actually voted for this guy's song, 'Sayang Sayang', when it was in Myx's OPM Music Countdown.  Well, the song was good and he was cute, so I voted for it - and the song stayed, and climbed, and stayed, and climbed, which prompted VJ Nikki to say, 'This song has stayed on while most of the songs it debuted along with are already gone."  And I told Charina that, and she said, 'Oh, he's lucky he has you voting for him."

The truth is, how different is Aljur from the American Idol winners or the Pop Idol winners?  Or from Susan Boyle?  They all won reality contests and they can sing and they have a certain charisma about them.  Voting for OPM songs and buying OPM CDs is something new to me, so I guess it took time for the idea to really support OPM, even perceived baduy ones like Aljur, to sink in.  In my mind, all I could say was, "For God's sake, I bought the Crazy Frog's Axel F CD, how bad can my taste be?"

Anyway, it's too bad that GMA decided not to release a full-length album for Aljur and just decided on five songs with the other five, the karaoke versions.  It's weird that they don't trust him enough.  Yeah, his voice may not be like Christian Bautista or Jed Madela, but I think he has his own charm and he can carry a decent tune.  I like their pick of songs and Sayang Sayang is a decent debut for him.  At least it's not a REMAKE!!  He does have, I think, two remakes in this album, but that's fine. If that's how you have to create attention for yourself, then so be it. Just make sure you release original material as well!  I like the album packaging, with Aljur's pictures and the quality of the photo paper is very nice.  I think GMA should push this album more, like how ABS does for their Star Records artists.  A duet with a good female vocalist would be interesting too, for a follow-up album.  Nothing too strenuous vocally and with lyrics that fit his matinee idol image.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chart Performance: Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond scores his twelfth Top 10 album in the UK, as 'Dreams', debuts at #8.  This extends his Top 10 chart span to an impressive 39 years!  He also is one of the artists to have a Top 10 album in the 70's, 80's, 90's and this decade!  Below are Neil's other Top 10 albums -

1972 - Moods (#7)
1976 - Beautiful Noise (#10)
1977 - Love at the Greek (#3)
1978 - 20 Golden Greats (#2)
1980 - The Jazz Singer (soundtrack) (#3)
1984 - Primitive (#7)
1992 - The Greatest Hits 1966 - 1992 (#1)
1996 - The Ultimate Collection (#5)
2005 - 12 Songs (#5)
2008 - The Best of Neil Diamond (#7)
2008 - Home Before Dark (#1)
2010 - Dreams (#8)

Chart Performance: Peter Andre

Peter Andre's fourth Top 10 album in the UK, Accelerate stays at #10 for a second week. Below are his other Top 10 albums in the UK -

1996 - Natural (#1)
2009 - Revelation (#3)
2010 - Unconditional: Love Songs (#7)
2010 - Accelerate (#10)