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Friday, October 26, 2012

Chart Performance: Jamey Johnson

American country singer Jamey Johnson gets his second top 10 album in the US this week as Living For A Song: A Tribute to Hank Cochran debuts at #5.   In 2010, The Guitar Song peaked at #4.

Chart Performance: Brandy

It's so great to see Brandy back in the US top 10 once again!  I really missed her!  This week, her fourth top 10 album in the US, Two Eleven slips from #3, its peak position to #10.

1998 - Never Say Never (#2)
2002 - Full Moon (#2)
2004 - Afrodisiac (#3)
2012 - Two Eleven (#3)
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Christian Bautista Continues to Top My OPM Myx Countdown Votes

This is already the fourth straight week that Christian Bautista tops my OPM Myx Countdown votes.  Here are the four OPM songs I'm voting for that countdown this week -

#1 Christian Bautista / Neocolours - Sasabihin (4 votes per day)

#2 Loonie - Tao Lang (3 votes per day)

This song has grown on me.  The more I listen to it, the more I like it!

#3 Emanuelle - Sandali Lang (2 votes per day)

 This song reenters my list again this week.  It has topped the OPM list for two weeks this year.

#4 Sabrina - Sa Bawat Paghinga (1 vote per day)

Another song that has tenaciously stayed among the OPM songs I've been voting for the countdown.
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Ne-Yo Tops My Personal Countdown for the Eighth Time

Ne-yo tops my personal countdown for the eighth time as Let Me Love You reenters at #1.  

Here are my favorite songs for the week ending October 26, 2012 -

#1 Ne-Yo - Let Me Love You (RE)

Below are his #1 songs in my personal countdown -

2006 - So Sick
2006 - When You're Mad
2006 - Sexy Love
2007 - Because of You
2007 - Go On Girl
2007 - Hate That I Love You (with Rihanna)
2011 - Give Me Everything (with Pitbull, Nayer and Afrojack)

#2 Jonas Brothers - Turn Right (NEW)

Due to their concert here this week, the Jonas Brothers get several of the spots in my personal countdown this week.  This beautiful ballad Turn Right, jumps in at #2.

#3 Chris Brown - Turn Up the Music (8)

This song went to #1 last April and it returned to my top 10 list last week since it was included in the latest release of Body Jam.  This week, it moves five places to #3.

#5 Mariah Carey - Fantasy (7)

This song is another former #1 that reentered my personal countdown list last week due to its inclusion in the latest Body Jam release.  This week it moves to #4.

#5 Jonas Brothers - Pushing Me Away (NEW)

Four new Jonas Brothers songs are in my personal countdown.  Turn Right is at #1 while Pushin' Me Away is at #5.  They sang this song acoustic style with the Jonas Brothers Band and it was definitely one of my favorite segments of the concert that night!

#6 Madonna - Little Star (9)

Another classic that has reentered my personal countdown last week and has climbed three places to #6 this week.  This song was remade by an artist and appears and is currently in the latest release of Body Balance.

#7 Jonas Brothers - Lovebug (RE)

This is the only song from the Jonas Brothers which reenters my personal countdown this week.  A top 10 hit a few years ago, the boys perform this in their concert here in Manila

#8 Jonas Brothers - Gotta Find You (NEW)

This is the third new Jonas Brothers song that enters my personal countdown this week.  It comes from the Camp Rock soundtrack.

#9 Jonas Brothers - Give Love A Try (NEW)

This is the fourth new Jonas Brothers song that enters my personal countdown this week.  It comes from their Jonas LA album.

#10  Foster the People - Helena Beat (RE)

This song went to #1 two weeks ago and reenters at #10 this week.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chart Performance: Art Garfunkel

Veteran songwriter, Art Garfunkel gets his third UK top 10 album this week with The Singer.  This week, the album debuts at #10.

1975 - Breakaway (#7)
1979 - Fate for Breakfast (#2)
2012 - The Singer (#10)

Chart Performance: Bat For Lashes

Bat for Lashes gets her second UK top 10 album this week, as The Haunted Man, debuts at #6.  Two Suns peaked at #5 in 2009.

Chart Performance: Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg gets his very first #1 album in the UK, with his self-titled album as it debuts at the top this week.

Chart Performance: Florence Welch

Florence Welch of the Florence and the Machine gets her first top 10 hit in the UK credited to her.  It's for a Calvin Harris song, Sweet Nothing, which debuts at #1 in the UK charts this week.

Creed Setlist For Manila Concert

The concert is still three weeks from now but since I haven't played a Creed song for ages, I think it's time to post their most likely setlist for the Manila leg of their show.  There may be some tweaks here and there but this are the songs they are most likely going to play here in Manila -

  1. One
  2. Encore:

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Jonas Brothers Manila Concert Pictures 2012: The Unnoticed Kevin

My friends told me Kevin was really the kuya among the three and just like the Hanson brothers, the eldest just happened to be the least popular among the chicks.  But that's just for popularity anyway, and well, we saw last night how solid their relationship is as brothers.  Kevin though, plays a mean guitar, and he ably supported his vocalist brothers in all their songs, singing back-up from time to time.  Really the dutiful kuya!

Sorry I don't have many pictures of him because of the cameraman's fault.  He mostly focused on Nick and Joe most of the night, so here are the lucky moments when I snapped Kevin when he was in the camera focus!

Jonas Brothers Manila Concert Pictures: Joe the Curly-Haired Prince

I think Nick is the strongest vocally among the three brothers, although Joe sometimes comes out as the lead singer.  This was apparent last night since live, Joe's voice would sound faint or would be drowned out by the music.  However, it is when Joe growls when his voice really comes to life!  I guess it's just a matter of how to arrange the music!  Methinks though that he looks cuter in cropped hair - which he sported when he was here a few months ago.

But really, who cares!  They're all cute and goodlooking and play cool music - which they did last night!

Jonas Brothers Manila Concert Pictures 2012: All About Nick!

It was not the Jonas Brothers concert last night, it was more like Nick Jonas and the other Jonas Brothers show! I can safely say na halos 50% ng focus ng camera last night was on this most musically gifted of the three brothers! Not only are his vocal chops the best among the three (sorry Joe), he also plays the most instruments! 

And the cameraman really loved him last night!! And we loved him for focusing on Nick most of the show - the poor guy would just look in surprise whenever the shouts would get so loud kasi nga finofocus ang mukha niya. Can you blame the girls for shouting so loud when Nick has become such a wonderfully hot guy!! While all these shrieking was happening all around us, my beki friend and I were texting each other and we were texting unprintable words here of the things we wanted to do to Nick!!