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Monday, February 20, 2017

Lovin' Bruno Mars' Look in Versace

I'm just happy Bruno Mars now shamelessly wears Versace in all his appearances and videos. Finally, a heterosexual man wearing flowery prints and shirts oozing with crazy colors.
He and I are the only Asian men I know who would dare wear those things in public.
For years, I was a loyal Versace fan, only able to buy one or two shirts every season, because they were (and still are) quite pricey. But it didn't matter. The fit was fantastic and the details of the work (from the buttons to the cuffs to the collars) were exquisite.
There was a time that I'd always be upgraded to Business Class because I would sometimes wear Versace during long flights. Siguro naawa ang FA na someone looking so fabulous would be spending 14 hours cooped up in Economy seats.
Now of course, with all the cheap air fares, I would stick out like a sore thumb if I wear Versace for traveling, since everybody else is in tsinelas and tank tops.
It's a pity Bruno never saw the genius of Gianni's work because if he loves Donatella's clothes right now, Gianni's were to die for!
That's because in terms of design talent, Donatella pales in comparison to her brother Gianni.
But looking at what Bruno is wearing now, I think she has improved a lot and has channeled some of her brother's previous work in her designs for the singer.
It's been years since I last visited a Versace store, and now that I've seen what Bruno is wearing, maybe it's time I check out their latest shirts again.
I've seen three Versace shirts that he wore which I like but of course I won't buy the exact copy. I'm sure Bruno gets his for free while I have to shell out my one month salary on one of those shirts!
At least something to be excited about in men's fashion now that fast fashion brands have really taken hold of everyone's wallets........

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