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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Concert Review: Jason Dy Makes A Breakthrough

The Skydome is not really the best place to hold a live show. I feel that the acoustics of the place is not very good.

It might be that or Jason Dy's sound engineer should've done a thorough sound check during their rehearsals, making sure that each nook and cranny of the venue can hear him ver clearly.

I was in the VIP section and for some reason, I could not hear very clearly what he was saying and sometimes, his voice gets drowned out by the band.

Tuloy, we couldn't react spontaneously to what he was saying, like any other live show audience should.

I'm sure there's a way that the lead performer's microphone should sound stronger than the rest, so that at least we could hear what he's saying and singing.

Thankfully, there were parts of the show that he could be heard so it was not fully an exercise in futility.

But i just hope that all newbie performers do it a la Barbra Streisand style, as the Babs has been known to be very meticulous about making sure she's heard very clearly in her shows, especially that she does a lot of spiels!

It's a pity since his show was well--conceptualized and thought out and Jason really made an effort to showcase his other talents like dancing.

And singing-wise, he was in top form as he was able to reach the high notes of South Border's Kahit Kailan with ease - easily one of the highlights of his show.

It's just that the mic or the sound system could not translate that to great audience reaction - something which I always look forward to in concerts.

His wardrobe though was excellent, really right along my alley and really what a concert wardrobe should be - flashy and glittery!

The band and the back-up singers and dancers were in fine form as well, and there was even a portion where a saxophonist joined Jason on stage.

It was very easy for Jason to please the audience since his Dyfenders and Sarah's Popstars were there to lend their support.
Even my seatmate was so into the show, shouting at just the right moments.

As for me, I like the portions where I know the song, like Prince's Kiss and Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop the Feeling.

I also like when he sang his own song, I Am Something. In fact, he sang some of his own songs in the show, which is rare in OPM shows, where they tend to do other people's songs.

KZ Tandingan and Jay-R, who were his guests were standouts and you can really see that experience counts when doing live shows since they just moved and sang freely - and bantered with the audience with ease.

Anyhow, it's a good start for Jason and hopefully, he releases more new material that he can do in his future live shows. And really, a thorough sound check can make the experience much better for his fans.

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