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Monday, February 22, 2016

In Defense of Lady Gaga as Local Writer Labels Her as a Has-Been

I am just a casual pop culture observer but I am shocked at how uninformed and lazy some of our local music entertainment writers are!
I was reading this article on Lady Gaga's Grammy tribute to David Bowie and this writer says this about Lady Gaga -
"To be brutally frank here, she is “yesterday’s news!” A result of her being too trendy and relying too much on shock value are precisely the very reasons her music career took a nosedive to near obscurity"
"Lady Gaga’s time has passed."
Uhhhh hello sir, not to defend Lady Gaga because I'm sure she doesn't care about your opinion, but as a writer, he should've known that -
#1 Lady Gaga just won the Golden Globe Best Actress - TV Mini-Series for American Horror Story - Hotel last January. (I think her being 'weird' was the reason producer Ryan Murphy hired her in the first place!)
#2 Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett won the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Album in 2015. (Tony Bennett is one of the most-well-loved and respected performers by the American music academy. I don't think he would invite a singer who is already 'past her time' to do a FULL ALBUM with him.)
#3 Lady Gaga is slated to perform in the Oscar ceremony this Monday, February 29, because a song she co-wrote with Dianne Warren has been nominated for an Oscar. And, industry insiders believe they will win the award!
Joskoh, feeling ko, this writer wouldn't even know who Dianne Warren is!
Alam mo, if Lady Gaga wins the Oscar, along with Dianne Warren (who truly deserves to win one na talaga!), it will just show stupid and lazy some of our entertainment writers are.
I mean, how did the Inquirer even hire this guy if he cannot even be bothered to check basic facts. I'm sure if he just googled "Lady Gaga 2016", he would've known that these were the things she was doing these past two years.
Somebody who has "passed her time" won't win (or even get nominated!) for an Oscar, Grammy or Golden Globe in the years she's supposed to be laos.
Get it?

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