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Monday, February 22, 2016

Why I Love Taylor Swift's 1989 Album

I was not surprised that Taylor Swift won last week's Grammy award for Album of the Year for her album 1989. From her hit songs palang from that album, you'd know she achieved a totally different sound from the country songs that she used to do.
However, I was so sick of her last year because I was still enjoying her Red album (which was as expansive as 1989, but country songs lang) tapos she released 1989 agad, so I just shunned her new release - which would be a surprise since some of my friends know how much of a big fan of hers I am! (O di ba, kahit sold out ang concert niya dito, nagkaticket pa rin kami, thanks to you Anne De A!)
Alam mo yung sukang suka ka na sa isang artist, so you let them rest first and just ignore their new work, and get to them na lang pag medyo hungry ka na ulit for them.
Which was a pity really because, it turns out that the best songs from her album, 1989, at least for me, are not even the hit songs!
I mean, why didn't they release 'How You Get the Girl' or 'The New Romantics' or 'Wonderland'!! I am not a radio programmer but these songs could've been potential #1 songs for Taylor.
It used to be that artists could release up to 7 singles from one album (Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson did this regularly) because of the depth of their albums.
I guess, nowadays, they don't do it anymore so that the artist won't be overexposed.
But sayang talaga. Taylor has so much good material in 1989, I could safely say na walang tapon kahit isang song dito. Everything is well thought out and well-produced and executed.
The truth is, she did in a way, encapsulate the sound of 1989's pop music in this album. 1989 was the year of Roxette and Madonna's LIke A Prayer album, Paula Abdul and the B52s and Boy Meets Girl. It was a vibrant year for pop music! It was one of the best years for pop music, at least in my book!
Para ngang bumalik ka sa late 80s e when you listen to the album. The three examples I gave earlier are the most 80's sounding of the songs she has in this album.
This girl, as a musical artist, continues to amaze me. I wonder what she'll do next.

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