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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our Best Filipinos Reduced to A TV Entity

I was in an intimate cafe show last night with a presumably "The Voice" crowd and theater veteran actor Audie Gemora was there as well.
To regular local theater goers like me, Audie ranks there alongside our other musical theater greats like Lea Salonga and Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo. I mean, these guys can do anything and sing anything. They not only can act, they can also sing very well!
They have paved the way for the lively theater scene we take so much granted these days.

Kaya I was shocked when I was talking to one of the audience members and he remarked, "Ay di ba isa sya sa mga judges ng (forgot the name of the show)".
And I was like, ha?
It's like saying, "Who is Lea Salonga?" "Judge ng The Voice."
or even worse,
"Sino si Ninoy Aquino?" "Tatay ni Kris Aquino."
Some of the best Filipinos reduced to a TV show entity.
How sad. Di ba trabaho eto ng Social Studies teachers to tell students what these people have really achieved?
Oh well, at least Channel 2 is bringing them to the masses. The theater world is still so small kasi.

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