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Monday, May 8, 2017

A Refreshing Repertoire from the PPO as they perform Gershwin and Arturo Marquez

Breaking from playing traditional classical music, it was really refreshing to hear the PPO play different stuff last night.
When I saw their playlist for last night's show, I was pretty excited because I am a big fan of George Gershwin's work and of Latin music.
I hope in the future, they will do a full Gershwin repertoire, since it's very rare that symphonic jazz is played live in Manila.
If you watched La La Land, the influence of Gershwin on that movie's composer is very obvious and because of it - I appreciate the movie now, more than ever.
I was not familiar with the composer of the Latin music, but he turned out to be Arturo Marquez of Mexico and his works last night (El Conga del Fuego and Danzon No. 2) were crowd pleasers and the audience gave the PPO a standing ovation!!
I stood as well because it was exhilarating to hear all those percussion sounds being played (which is very rare in a classical concert).
Apparently, Mr. Marquez infuses his Mexican roots into his music, making it sound more vibrant you can even dance to it if they'd allowed you to stand up and groove!
That's why even the encore got a standing ovation!
I'm so glad I was able to watch the show, thanks to Melinda Magallanes for arranging everything!

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