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Monday, May 1, 2017

Concerts I'm Watching This May - Getmusic Indie-Go

The second concert I am watching this May is actually an indie-band festival called Getmusic Indie-Go, which will be on May 20 at the MOA Arena.  I don't know what time I'm supposed to be there since there are so many acts but I'll try to be at the venue early.

I actually only know a few of the acts, and I'm not very familiar with some of them, but as in life, it's always ok to have an open mind about things and just sit back and relax.

Since I have NO BUDGET, I am just getting the cheapest ticket for this show, LOL

Anyway, so that I may also enjoy the show, I will just listen to the stuff of some of the acts that I don't really know, so that di naman ako magmukhang tanga during their sets.

Below is the list of the acts in the show - in no particular sequence of performing -

  • Autotelic

  • MilesExperience

  • Sud

  • Jensen and The Flips

  • Reese Lansangan

  • Gabby Alipe

  • Somedaydream 桑 天 错 觉


  • She’s Only Sixteen

  • Conscious & The Goodness
     An Honest Mistake

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