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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Getmusic Indie-Go: Presenting the Best of OPM Indie Music


I've always felt that anyone with real musical talent should share it with the world - and one doesn't have to be as famous as Sarah Geronimo or Darren Espanto to have that motivation to make it a real career.

I think now, with different platforms available to play music, anyone who has something to say, musically, will surely find his or her audience.

I've always been envious of how diverse American music is - with so many genres to choose from - and I think, it's slowly happening here in the Philippines - and this was best exemplified last night when a group of indie acts with diverse musical styles, played their material live - to fans and new fans and to people who have a more open-minded attitude towards music.

For me, the experience was like opening different boxes of beautiful gifts, one entirely unique from the others.

We missed Sud and Milesexperience though since my friend had to go home na, but the other acts played exciting music.

It was so much fun to listen to Malaysia's An Honest Mistake, and the group really had rambunctious fun onstage, The lead singer does have nice , long and very colorful tresses.

Jensen and the Flips' music was such a revelation - they had a relaxed pop vibe to their style.

Somedaydream totally changed his sound - the songs send abruptly and there's a lot of techno-mixing going on - he sounds like a male Bjork.

Reese Lansangan was another revelation. Her first song, Aristophanes, sounded like an updated version of Enya. However, her sound is close to Sara Bareilles - fun, quirky pop!

Autotelic is another band I still have to discover and they had a lot of fans that night. And so did Gabby Alipe, who sounded solid and very ready to rock the house!

I wish MCA Universal will continue with this activity next year, so that they can bring more indie acts into the mainstream!

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