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Monday, May 1, 2017

Concert I Would Love to Watch This May - Jaya's No Boundaries

After I listened to her All Souled Out album, I instantly became a fan of Jaya.  Being a big fan of R&B greats like Anita Baker, she's probably the closest thing locally, who can give justice to singers like Ms. Baker.

Jaya certainly breathed new life into the songs she chose for that soul album.  I don't know though if she has new material out right now, but it's great to hear that she has a new show coming up in two weeks na!

Problem is, I don't yet have extra budget to watch the show, even the cheapest ticket man lang, because that week is also payment of Meralco week!! Bad timing!

Anyhow, this should motivate me to look for a client this week to pay for the ticket to her show, kaya on May 2, kayod na agad, para I can close a deal before her show.  I'm just hoping meron pang a few tickets for sale even if it's very near the date of her show.

I also hope she sings a few songs from her All Souled Out album.  I read that she had a show to support that album but I missed it because I was not very Twitter savvy before.  

Anyway, kung anuman, I will keep all of you updated.  I hope it's good news for me!

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