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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Beyonce: Will She Be the Queen of Grammy's 2017?

Beyonce may finally win her first Grammy Album of the Year award for Lemonade, which for most music performers, is THE award to win.
However, except for two songs in that album, this one and All Night, none of the other songs appealed to me. I find this work a bit pretentious and although they say it preaches feminism and women doing for themselves, I could name ten other albums of women that showed real feminism without having to preach it to the rest of the world.
I feel that her previous album, the self-titled album, Beyonce, SHOULD'VE won the Album of the Year, the year it was nominated!
Now, that album was hiphop music on an operatic scale! The album was such a beauty I would listen to it for days, discovering new bits of grooves here and there, every time I listened to it.
And I loved each one of the songs there - walang filler - as they say.

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