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Friday, January 8, 2016

Natalie Cole: We Will Miss Her First Rate Performances

Natalie Cole is probably one of the classiest singers I have ever seen perform - and also, one of the most mataray.
She performed here in Manila a few years ago, in her own show, and as a guest performer for David Foster, and both times, she showed such immense sophistication and coolness in her repertoire and delivery.
She's really the antithesis of a birit singer and young aspiring singers can learn a lot from her style, especially that our country gets so crazy for singers who go the birit route.
In her own concert though, she scolded fans who were eager to take pictures of her and the show and told everyone to put their cameras down and just enjoy the show. At that time, camera phones were not yet ubiquitous and digital cameras were still the rage.
Kaya ayun, wiz ako pictures or videos of her show. Sayang, because it would've been great to have a personal souvenir of some of her performances.
When she performed here, we already knew she was in and out of the hospital, but it did not really show in her performance. She looked in tip top shape.
RIP, Natalie Cole. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music!

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