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Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Favorite OPM Songs of 2011: #2 Daryl Leong - Sa Muling Pagtatagpo

 As the credits for the movie, Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me, was rolling up, this song comes into play, and I immediately took notice of how great it sounded!  I tried my best to remember the lyrics since I wanted to search for it online.  I really thought Edgar Allan Guzman sang it but I discovered later it was Daryl Leong.  It's really a pity the song hasn't garnered much radio play but it has a very loyal Internet following.  I am not even sure if that is Daryl Leong in the picture!  I just based it on what Google gave me hahha!!

Tragedy is, the song is not even in Youtube!  I found it in a Tumblr account of a fan of the movie so I will post the link here so you can hear the song from there - - it's definitely one of the best written songs of 2011 - and best sung too!  Bravo Daryl!!

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