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Friday, July 6, 2012

My #6 to #10 Favorite OPM Songs of 2012 (As of June 30, 2012) @theitchyworms #opm #10FavouriteBands @tanyamarkova @ginilingfest @anakarylle #popsfernandez

The first six months of 2012 has come and it's time once again to list down my ten favorite OPM songs of the year (as of June 30, 2012).
This is the second of two parts, this one detailing my #6 to #10 favorite OPM songs, as yet, of 2012. 

I have to advise you though that this is a running list and the song's position may change as 2012 progresses because new entries can come in.  Everything is subjective, really, and is just based on how much I really like (or liked) the song.\

#6 Itchyworms - Awitin Para Sa Mga Nagmumuni-muni

I am not really sure what year the band Itchyworms released this song but since I 'discovered' it only this year, when I listened to the CD where this song was, I count it as a personal hit for me this year.  It's also probably one of the most creative and inventive songs any OPM act has done!  Truly hilarious!

#7 Tanya Markova - Da Facebook Song

No surprise really to find yet another Tanya Markova song in this year's top 10 list.  The band has been producing a lot of wonderful music these past two years and their latest Da Facebook Song is both cheeky and current!


#8 Giniling Festival - Hipon
I actually didn't know that the significance of hipon among the straight crowd is the same as that of the gay crowd.  But if you listen closely to what the band is singing, that observation becomes apparent!  I'm glad I discovered this band last month!  Another one of those inventive, quirky and definitely creative local bands we have in the local music scene right now!

#9 Karylle - Basically

It's a pity that Karylle's management has not given her the chance to do a live show.  I think she's ready now and I'm sure she has enough fans out here who would want to see her - maybe Teatrino or the Music Museum are worthy venues.  It's just that her latest album has already spawned several hits and by doing a series of live shows, she can promote it more and give those songs a live dimension!

Her ballad Basically ranks high in my favorite OPM songs of 2012!

Ok, I admit it might be that I'm an 80s child but I really recommend to you Pops Fernandez's Silver album.  It's quite a gem, filled with beautiful pop songs - so much so that three of those songs are in my OPM top 40 for 2012 - and two of them are in my top 10 - the second one being this one, By Heart.

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